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  • hey i have a question. i was reading over you convo. on one of the threads about problems with unlocking the htc tilt. about the black screen problem? well i downloaded the file you gave to that one guy you were helping, and its pw protected.. its this link..

    you think i can get the password? or could you send me a download link without a password? i really need my phone unlocked, thanks.
    I saw your work and your rom is something I've been looking all over. unfortunately I have a htc mogul all stock with some apps and manila 2d if you could post those cabs you put in your rom I would really appraise it. im really looking for scrolling like through the programs contacts or anywhere with the scrolling bars. thanks in advance
    Hi mbarvian. Looks like you did some great work on the landscape manila 2d, the only problem is the links have expired! Is there any way you could re-up it or pm the cab to me and ill do it for you. Many thanks.
    Hey, mbarvian, would you like to take part into the shared folder for the MSM720X Team Development? PM me and tell me a Windows Live address to get it working :) Pass it on!
    Hello, u did a realy nice work with the porting of the htc calc, as u said in your post, u need the translatet words to build a cab....
    I am german so i want a german calc ;) "About" = "Über", "Copy"= "Kopieren", "Calculator"="Taschenrechner"
    Would be nice if u put it in an german lang cab !
    Hi, I have a problem. I have a HTC Cruise WM6.0 with M2D 1.00.1819.2926 and m2dct 0.26.230; I installed the file cab of the skin but the touchflow doesn't start. Can you help me please?
    What's the right procedure to install the cab file?
    Thanks, bye.
    wonderful Touchflo 3D skin ....
    but sorry i have 2 problems
    the first 1 is in my topic >>>>

    second one is that i cant add applications in the applocations tab.
    when i click to add new application , the programs list appears and when i choose a program and click "select" nothing happens
    can u help me plz ?
    Where are you man... get me all excited and jet! ahhh.... TP2 rom lets play... Gslide, thumbcal... woot woot! I need instructions!!!
    hum... i have a special request for you .. if you can help me offcourse :(

    i have my stock rom in PTG (portuguese) .. and i want to port XIP and SYS from Iolite ... but your XIP and SYS that you already ported are WWE ...

    is possible you can port the Iolite XIP and SYS in more languages ?

    im started in the cookin' stuff... but the only stock rom available in my language has an old version ... they dont updated it :( ... so i have to port from somewhere ...
    but for me .. at this point .. i dont have already the experience to do a port :( my request is.. can you port that in other languages with easy ?

    i found the stock rom .. if you can take a look

    thanks and sorry my english
    when you pretend to post that rom base ? i was thinking that i can see the package files and compare it to my rom and so i can clean it better
    hum... that is nice.. but the problem is.. that the rom you will post it will be WWE ... and im PTG ...
    what take me into the cooking buisness is that i want a nice rom in my languange (portuguese) PTG ...

    is just because i cant get any nice rom in my native language (PTG) :\ that im trying to cook my own one...

    and the other problem is that the only stock rom that i have (from in my native language is with a old build (19212.1.0.3)

    but latter with more experienci i will try to port XIP / SYS from another :)
    I'm actually going to post the 3.34 Kaiser Base ROM, except it is going to be organized into packages ;)
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