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  • hey matt im looking for a tf2d theme and i came across yours,,


    Fore those that like Black & White, this one is for you..... Included is a matching MobileMatt welcomehead.96.png and a .tsk theme for the black bars... Download and enjoy...

    **NOTE** Backup your welcomehead.96.png as the CAB file will install the MobileMatt version!

    The CAB file is somewhat large as it includes all files including rain animation.


    why is there no download link? i would very much like to see this theme, thx.
    Hi,in your post
    ** Manila Upgrade **
    Full Manila Upgrade By 12aon
    What is this upgrade?
    Can I install it in my phone with the stock sprint rom ?
    hi , matt, i love the Manila 2D skin which named Blach ICE v2.0. but all download links doesn't works .. can you send it to me ? thank you !! [email protected]

    english is not my mother tongue .. so my english is not very well ...

    please don't laughing stock of the words...
    i already try installing the AllBackgroundaTab, but the screen is not showing anything..
    It seems not compatible..
    do i nedd to hard reset the device?

    Or is it bcoz of my ROM and Radio,? i'm using the very very very regular..
    I don't know bout the cooked ROM & Manila or anything like that.

    I'm very very newbie using this HTC Touch Pro (Raphael)..

    Do u have any suggestion what rom and radio shoul i install??
    I also want to download the ROM from

    is it compatible with Raphael?
    is it could also showing the ALLBackgroundTap?

    my Radio is :
    ROM version : 5.07.707.2 WWE
    haiiii Mr. Mchapman..
    i want to aks u something.
    i found link in tour post

    and i install the latest manila installation..
    the thing that i want to ask is, after i install the cab file, it seems nothing to be change in my HTC TP..

    so what is the function of this software anyway..???
    i want to make a default picture for all tabs, what should i do?
    is this manila updated software could be the answer of my problem.??

    i'm newbie using WM, would u mine to help me fixing my HTC TP problem..

    Many thanks..
    You've got a beautiful ride there.

    VRCC Illinois #903.... '98 , maroon & cream.
    Huge fan of the Fuzeberry, I actually am still running NRG 1.3, because The Fuzeberry was so solid on there. When are you going to be releasing the Fuzeberry 2 you are speaking of? If your looking for a beta tester, sign me up.
    thank you for your donation

    our administrator KoMa is very happy

    we have many good skins on our site and I think your coming is a big Plus

    I work tomorrow like you , hope my next holidays LOL
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