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  • Hey, love the work you're doing with the audio hack, however it has seemed to reduce the input call volume, people say I'm really quiet on the phone. Any idea what this could be, seeing as you are the king of sound :)
    Would really appreciate any help you can offer.
    Hey Meltus, since you seem like the "master of volume", I'd like to ask you a question.
    I'm using Super D 1.8, originally coming from a GER Vodafone HTC Magic and friends report to me, that I'm very very quit while calling. Can this be fixed by your LVH? And if not, would you happen to know how I can fix this?
    Hay meltus. im heading down to cheshire tomorrow and just woundering what volume hack is best for increasing bluetooth volume. thanks in advance.
    Of course i like them :D we should get cyanogen to import your finalized files into his mod :D

    EDIT: Spoke too soon, he did :D
    Meltus my man....I sent you a donation payment for your audio hack file....Your exchange rate was not so accurate 1.5L is not 2.50us dollars more like .49c but whatever i sent you like 4.00L and I am assuming your file is the ****......Please senf it asap my transaction with you was an INSTANT TRANSFER to YOU my end shows YOU have it so Please verify and send it it out my man. SEND IT TO [email protected] I look forward to seeing what else you do... I have a couple of mods I have spent some serious time on if your interested.....No charge for them I will be happy to send them....
    Pretty good ta, yourself?
    check out my new V7 files btw, i think you'll like them :D
    Ive got JF1.51 used ur app to go to V3 and didnt notice a diffrence in sound while playing videos via the onboard speaker. Any ideas or does JF allready have v3?
    hey meltus, i was trying to increase the volume on my G1. and i used JK 1.50. i followed method 1 and it did not work for me. I'm not all the crazy with this computer language thing. but i know some commands. thats why i dont really want to try method 2 and 3.
    hey Meltus
    If you still have the slide-lock version without the "free version" annoyance, please post.
    Hi meltus, you posted on a thread i started about problems with RC30 and myfaves, does your method you mention keep root access, or do i loose this?

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