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    Post Sim unlock my t-mobile LG V60 thinQ device

    Go to Settings, Networks, Mobile Networks, and finally Network Unlock. There is no longer an app.
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    Post Need help going back to stock

    I was hoping to keep Quad DAC so I heard to use either 17 or 18. I did find a way back to stock by flashing the LAF from 10p to download partition and then used LGUP to install a firmware.
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    Post LG V20 H918 T-Mobile Guide from out-of-the box --> 20H, TWRP, Root

    I fixed problem by installing LAF you referenced and then LGUP to 10p kdz. However I noticed two things. 1) Whenever I boot up I have the nag message to my bootloader. Any way to address this? 2) If I try to follow steps above to install 20h, I get a decrypt message in TWRP after I flash 20h...
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    Post LG V20 H918 T-Mobile Guide from out-of-the box --> 20H, TWRP, Root

    I followed the guide after I rooted and installed Lineage OS 18.1. I had to remove LineageOS because it was bad with response, couldn't see hidden wifi, and just ran hot. So I followed your guide and I am in a logo bootloop and get the reminder to lock the bootloader everytime it starts. Any...
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    Post Step by step guide for lg v20 h918 unlocking, downgrading, rooting and twrp

    @runningnak3d I did this and then installed LineageOS 18.1. Turns out LineageOS is not ideal as can't connects to hidden wifi and runs sluggish. I am looking to put my 918 back to Oreo. Any suggestions for how to do this? I am on TWRP 3.5 on my recovery partition. Need new kernels, modem...
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    Post [Rom][Oreo][Rooted] T-Mobile H918 [20f] [20g] [20h] Oreo flashable

    I am trying to install 918v20h after having issues with Lineage OS 18.1 and now 918v20h flashes but I keep getting caught in a bootloop with LG logo and the message telling me to lock the bootloader. Any suggestions how to proceed? I am running TWRP 3.5 on recovery partition.
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    Thread Need help going back to stock

    I was able to root and install Lineage OS 18.1 but find it is a hot mess. Battery is hot, won't detect wifi if my network is hidden, and runs slow. I would like to go back to stock OS. Currently have TWRP in recovery partition. Anywhere I can download an Oreo build of stock?
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    Thread Everyone should send a message to LG

    I sent messages to Share Your Voice with the President (Share Your Voice with the LG President) and [email protected] in hopes that someone will read my messages asking to fix bugs and unlock bootloader for all V60s. I suggest others send messages and hopefully with enough emails we can get...
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    Post Moving SmartWorld Fonts from old LG phone to new LG phone

    Which app did you use to create APK? Know of a place to download font APKs?
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    Post Warm battery while charging?

    An update with a workaround if you experience this and how to identify: I have a workaround where I installed CCleaner and put most apps into hibernate mode. Now my temps stay below 30C when charging. To see if CPU draw is the issue, turn on developer mode and look at inactive apps in the...
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    Post Warm battery while charging?

    So a little more digging and I am finding that it is my CPU (not battery) getting hot at above 50C. I also looked and saw CPU usage spiking. I have disabled fingerprint to unlock screen and not sure what is causing CPU usage while charging. Any apps out there to show processes running? All I...
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    Thread Warm battery while charging?

    I have a V60 that just started to get warm while charging at night. It is not hot to touch but warmer than before. I have tried both LG PD charger and the LG Quick Charge 3 charger. Both will leave battery warm while charging. Anyone else experience this?
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    Post Reboot while charging

    I had to ship the phone back and get a replacement. Everything I tried did not work to stop reboot while charging.
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    Post Got bored, so I made a new replacement.

    Someone on Reddit posted a 3D printer model for replacement covers.
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    Post 3d printed replacement covers now available.

    Someone on Reddit posted a 3D printer model for replacement covers.