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    Post General [OneUI 5 Beta] (Snapdragon) Galaxy S22/S22+/S22 Ultra OneUI 5.0 Beta Thread If you have S908U1 use this guide to pull the ota link! Help your community hahaha
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    Thread T-mobile 5G and unlocked Note 20 ultra

    Hello there! So anyone with a Note 20 unlocked variant and T-mobile service can confirm what does it say under settings, About phone, Status, Sim card Status and mobile network ? Mine says LTE but at the top says 5g and I know how carriers like to show off "fake5g" so I'm just curious if thats...
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    Post Note 20 Ultra Sim Unlock

    DM me and I can show u the 3rd party way..but it's not "cheap"
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    Post Pixel 3 XL First Look... NOTCH

    Things could and most likely will change. The device is supposed to launch in October so there's still time. The back cover is like some type of glass.. It's definitely NOT METAL OR plastic.
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    Thread Pixel 3 XL First Look... NOTCH

    so here's a prototype Pixel 3 XL.. yes notch confirmed!
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    Post Is Mate 9 battery actually rubbish? Honest thoughts please

    Agree..this one battery is just amazing compared to all the other high end phones I've owned.. S7 edge, note 7, LG v20 and recently the S8+ for a few days..but the raw speed of the system and the battery life made me have this as my true daily driver...yea it might not be as pretty and slick but...
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    Post [ROM] RomAur-v2.2-[16/10]-[UB][7.0_Fw.b197]-FAST-STABLE

    Themes app seem to be broken.. Anyone else with same issue or problem with rom itself
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    Post LG V20 Tmobile Variant Stock TOT

    I sent you a PM
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    Post LG V20 Tmobile Variant Stock TOT

    it is "possible" but usally LGUP wont flash files like that.
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    Post LG V20 Tmobile Variant Stock TOT

    Good stuff man! and yes to answer your question it flashed just fine on my personal V20.
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    Post LG V20 Tmobile Variant Stock TOT

    I dont think there's one that will support this newer firmwares but I can upload the extracted files made from not allowed to discuss here.
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    Thread LG V20 Tmobile Variant Stock TOT

    Here's the stock V20 firmware for the T-mobile Variant. Hopefully it helps other people develop a root for our phone. LGH918AT-01-V10d-310-260-SEP-14-2016-ARB00+0.tot DOWNLOAD
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    Post FIRMWARE - AT&T S7 Edge (G935A) official firmware w/ June update

    and you better take advantage of this as this will stop from happening coming next bootloader revision
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    Post Root s7 at&t g930a & g935a

    Expect Samsung police to send a take down notice for these files anytime soon..this is the reason why I didn't post anything after I rooted the other s7 weeks ago and then I was approached by them.