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  • Hello Sir,
    I just installed your rom. it's very cool. i liked it. but there are some bugs.
    First: when i click start>settings>system>memory
    im memory meny u didn't give panel ACTIVE PROGRAMS. Bcos this offers a choice to stop unnecessary active programs. due to abscence of that menu we must regularly reset the pda. b4 i used the function "stop active pgms" but now its impossible. would u plz send me some cab file etc. for it?
    secondly in most of roms except the official rom of htc asian and t-mobile there is no original battery symbol, the green real time batter icon.
    i really miss that, but i hat t-mobile rom, thats why i prefer ur rom, but if u would plz help me solving these two problems i will be very thankful.
    hey whats going on man? i have a tmobile wing and wanted to flash it with 4.02. is that a good idea?
    Hi Mark

    Hope you're well. Just a quick question, why isnt your SDConfig.txt implemented in your vanilla roms? Given they have the least number of apps I would have thought it more useful in these than the touch full?

    More importantly, is there any way to get your version of the UC app onto an artemis with Vanilla Generic installed? I have an SDConfig.txt all set up and I'm wanting to flash your vanilla generic then install a bunch of CABs. Any suggestions?


    Hi Meschle,

    sorry to annoy You again, I did try to translate Your arte 4.02 ROM to czech lang, but somehow i cannot make packages from it (dont know how U did it, but it's quite nice protection-i just finished Cruise ROM in CZ i'd like to hv it as well). If U agree, i'll do CSY version of it, but i need howto bypass your protection. Link to this thread, your name.... will be published or whatever else U want...


    Hope your dad is getting better.
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