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    Post Compile kernel for Xiaomi Redmi note 3(MTK 6795). HELP

    Well the cpu is mtk with old 3.10 kernel version, i would suggest to use a prebuilt kernel as this problem is probably related to the used toolchain to compile so if you are porting a rom with the same android version of the stock rom this will be the best solution for you, if it's a newer...
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    Post Compile kernel for Xiaomi Redmi note 3(MTK 6795). HELP

    Which device are you compiling for and can you link the kernel source
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    Post [ROM][8.1] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 15.1 for Samsung J7 2015

    Hello Yes there are some bugs, you should use lineage 17.0 it's stable.
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    Thread Please delete

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    Post Very low battery life on the LG V30 with a 94% battery health

    It's very simple downgrade to latest oreo i get 6+ sot on oreo and only 4 on pie
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    Post Samsung Note 9 - Display Discoloration & Overheating

    Well samsung screens always have been defected i have j7 2015 and screen started flickering after 3 years, samsung is my favourite brand but they have to put some effort into fixing their displays (many) problems unless that was their intention from the beginning to force people onto getting new...
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    Post Does it worth buying LG V30+ in 2020?

    Don't think all those users are mistaken too regarding battery :p
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    Post Screen on time

    I have h918 model and used to get +7 sot on oreo, pie have much more idle battery drain than oreo and i get around 5:6 hours of sot, restricting background data in the battery settings helps a little solving the battery issue on pie but overall i prefer oreo and feel it's more stable than pie
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    Post Does it worth buying LG V30+ in 2020?

    I agree selfie pics are not on par with the new devices, speaker audio is not clean and 3300mah battery is not enough in 2020 otherwise it's a good device if you can get it for the right price :good:
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][gts4lvwifi][10] LineageOS 17.1

    Yea those numbers seems acceptable also make sure to enable ccache (if you got enough free space) to save time on future builds.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][gts4lvwifi][10] LineageOS 17.1

    It depends on how strong the pc is but 19 hours is a lot of time it should only take mins or very few hours on a high end pc with good cpu, 32gb of ram and ssd will make things even faster.
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    Post Long time to wake up = normal?

    that's not normal for sure, it should wake up instantly after pressing the power button, you can try to factory reset or flash latest firmware, if problem exists you should return it then.
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    Thread type c headphones on the tab s5e

    Hello So i was thinking about getting the tab s5e but first i want to make sure if i can use a type c headphones directly on it instead of having to use the attached 3.5mm adapter that comes with the tab ? thanks in advance