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    Post Question Thinking about getting the ZenFone 8, is it worth it?

    We Anything that runs the CPU/GPU high. You have to enable performance mode (or custom mode for max performance/temp limit) to let it get hot though. Case mitigates its feel to an extent. And it can get burning hot, try it on any 3d game.
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    Post Question How would you all rate the ergonomics of this phone?

    Sony devices are also less rounded that probably make for a better grip, Zenfone 8 not so much
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    Post Question How would you all rate the ergonomics of this phone?

    Sony has that trend where it makes screens less wider for you to be able to hold better. Zenfone's screen is a bit like middleground between a Sony device and a regular Samsung or Iphone, probably a pixel 4a too. It is very comfortable to hold and reach most of the screen with one hand. My...
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    Thread General Lots of microscratches

    I have been using this phone for about 2 weeks now. I never put it in one pocket with keys and did not drop it as of date. What I have noticed is that Gorilla glass Victus is pretty bad at microscratches (I heard its a bit softer). There are well over a dozen scratches on the surface by now and...
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    Post Question [question] Custom EQ profiles?

    It is indeed excellent. It also handles my 80ohm Superlux HD 668B with just enough loudness properly equalized.
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    Post Question [question] Custom EQ profiles?

    You cant even disable it sadly, music might be the least intrusive preset. Sadly, Android is lacking proper, open source, equalizer apps/software. I use wavelet currently for this reason, it seems pretty versatile.
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    Post General LineageOS for ZenFone 8 started

    As a decade long Cyanogen+LineageOS user, thank you for your work. I hope I will be able to switch to a Custom ROM on this device in the near future. :)
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    Thread [Q] AOSPA black screen issue on find 7 QHD

    I just installed the 4.4.2 of AOSP which in theory supports find 7 QHD. There is a bug like in cyanogen mod (i just read that there is), that after unlocking the phone, the screen stays black after turned on. Everything operates in the background, as i hear the unlock and feel vibration if...