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    Post Android 10 for MI A2 has arrived :)

    I'm tempted :laugh: :laugh::laugh:
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    Post Android 10 for MI A2 has arrived :)

    Can anybody confirm this? I hate having lost lock/unlock sounds...:D
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    Post Unable to create APN with "dun" type

    I had the same problem with Ho.mobile, solved with this guide: https://talk.sonymobile.com/t5/Xperia-Z5-Z5-Compact-Z5-Premium/Hotspot-not-working-after-update-to-Android-7-0-Xperia-Z5/td-p/1208290#gref Basically you need to open a shell via ADB on the phone (a PC is required...) and give this...
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    Post Top 5 Xiaomi Mi A1 Back Cover, Cases, and Tempered Glasses

    Yes! After lots of trial & error, this is the first that has adhesive on all the surface, and looks great: there is no rainbow effect and when the display is off it looks black and not gray. Thank for sharing :good::good::good:
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    Post Miui. please respond to the developers

    Here we go, again!
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    Post [TOOL] Google Camera without root/magisk (Enable Camera2Api, EIS)

    The two methods are almost identical, the main difference being that Aridane created a tool to automate the process. From a technical point of view, Aridane sets the required properties while the phone is temporary booted in TWRP, while flex sets the properties while the phone is temporary...
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    Post [GUIDE] How to enable Camera2 API persistently and keep bootloader locked

    I installed it to handle the root authorization dialog, I'm not sure it's really necessary. AW it doesn't do any harm, it's just an apk :)
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    Post [GUIDE] How to enable Camera2 API persistently and keep bootloader locked

    Yes, you are right! I just enabled HAL3 & EIS by unlocking the bootloader, booting from patched_boot.img with Magisk Manager installed, setting the persistent properties and relocking the bootloader. Great work!
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    Post [GUIDE] How to enable Camera2 API persistently and keep bootloader locked

    Could this method be used also for enabling EIS? TIA
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    Post January 1, 2018 security update has been released, build OPR1.170623.

    Same here, no tricks, just received regular OTA a few minutes ago.
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    Post [APP] [8.0+] Fingerprint Scroll (auto scroll by fingerprint gestures) *PROMO CODES*

    Nice idea, can I have a code too, please? TIA
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    Post Turn A1 into Mi 5X or not?

    Not going to work... You could brick the device..
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    Post [APP][8.0+]Fingerprint Action Pro – Use Fingerprint Gestures to control your device

    Same here: works great on Mi A1 Oreo Stable, and I would appreciate very much those new actions... Another one: would it be possible to add support for Single and Double Tap? I would love the ability to send a Home action on a double tap... Great app! ---------- Post added at 09:51 AM...
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    Post MiUi for a1?

    I guess it has been said an uncountable number of times: A1 and Mi 5x ARE NOT IDENTICAL in terms of hardware. Have a look at this https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=8776&idPhone2=8776#global,mi-5x,* (Hint, pay particular attention at 4G Network bands...)
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    Post Pouch cases which will fit the nexus 5?

    Hi, I recently fitted an Ultraslim Sena case for the HTC One to my Nexus 5. I shaped a piece of balsa wood to resemble the shape of the Nexus, split it in two pieces and then used a pencil to stretch the leather of the case. To achieve a better result, I also soaked the case with water. After...