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    Post Question Nova launcher lag

    Thank you I have contacted Nova launcher about this and I was shocked by the response below : Thank you for contacting Nova Launcher support. Below is a lot of information that we encourage you to read completely as it will answer your questions or other questions you might have related to the...
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    Post Question Nova launcher lag

    Do you use the gesture navigation or the button navigation as I don't see the issue with the button navigation What are the home button settings you have for Nova ? Any battery optimization setting you have for Nova , Animation speed or disable
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    Post Question X3 and Nova Launcher

    Works for me too , but do you notice a lag on Nova when using the swipe up gesture to go back home ?
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    Thread Question Nova launcher lag

    Hi all I can't live with any android phone without my Nova launcher With oppo find X 3 ,has anyone noted a lag with Nova specially when using the swipe up gesture to go to home screen while any app is open it takes like 1/2 sec ? Any one with Nova launcher can share his experience and the...
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    Post Question Differences between "global" versions?

    I can't get any oppo app to work when I install it from apk mirror I need the oppo dialler , messages and the theme store pls
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    Post Question Use the Chinese Version of the Realme GT 5G RMX2202 without "My Realme" (avoid big brother)?

    Enjoy it as it is as long as you have gplay and all other Google services
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    Post Android 11 GSI

    Not yet waiting for some detail instructions but seems not yet ready as daily driver
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    Thread any hope for Android 11 ?

    Any hope this device may get any sort of Android 11 update
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    Thread MIUI 10

    Any one in Europe got MIUI Android 10 update ?
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    Post frequent reboot after few min of use

    Thank you for the response It reboots randomly while in use and not in use When it reboots , battery is always have juice never empty or low charged It's just hang for few seconds then reboot itself I have tried wipping the cash partition as advised by support when I called them over the...
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    Thread frequent reboot after few min of use

    Hi all I have an annoying issue just started to happen yesterday I have BKL09 Version with latest stock EMUI 9.1 AND patches Suddenly the device is rebooting randomly just after 3 to 5 min of use may reboot now while I'm writing this ! I have tried to uninstall the last 5 apps or so...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][berkeley][Official] Pixel Experience [AOSP][r44][10-07-2019]

    I'm on latest EMUI 9 release can I try this ? Sent from my Honor View 10 using XDA Labs
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    Thread Best custom ROM ?

    Hello With the Google / US restrictions on Huawei can anyone suggest the best stable custom ROM with no bugs , most likely to get the Q update and I can switch to from EMUI 9 THANKS
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    Post Android Q update

    Huawei will be able to deliver Android version updates via the AOSP, but it will lose early access to the updated versions provided by Google, such as the Android Q
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    Post Android Q update

    Lol ..not after the US ban I guess ! Sent from my Honor View 10 using XDA Labs