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  • hi

    I need little bit from you time pls !!! I need to open the jasjam total so i can rapair the white screen like you say in one of the post .... can you help me pls how to open it and go there .... screw by screw pls ?

    Thanks a lot .... for you time
    Sorry Gleezy, I cannot add anything more to the response that you got from Vijay555. Have a look at Vijay's reply if you haven't already
    Sry to bother u but i ran into a problem while updating my HTC Mogul rom to the latest version i have erased all of my contacts in the process..the numbers were not sync to my computer like i thought it was to began with. I have a program on the phone called "Data Back" which is stored on my storage card...i have restored my contacts using this before but for some reason its not working anymore:( Do you thing its not compatible with the rom update..is there a way around this? I'm in great need of help
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