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  • the account doesn't even allow me to PM anyone, hence why i messaged you to please ask some admin to activate my account ;)

    my username there is the same, iriki .thanks a lot for you trouble
    yo yo finally i found you here! i want to post in pocketgamer.org forums but im unable to, i want to ask kokak if he can port DoomGLES to OpenGL ES CM used by polaris/kaizer/diamond/touchpro. i don't know why i cant post there, must be some anti-spam measure! plz reply :) thx in advance!
    right on thank though imma have to get in the kitchen and cook me a rom just gotta do a little more reserch sh*ts kinda confusing
    hey do you know of any roms that will work with att video share service other than the stock rom 6.1 from att... or if there is a cab file that enables it for att video share for a flashed rom??? newbie question but i cant find this sh*t out????
    Hi mikeeey, just sent you a message on ppcwarez but as your online here i thought i'd message you here.

    What i was hoping you could tell me is a simple point towards the latest files for quake 1&2 i have a tytn II/kaiser and really want to play them on my ppc, I am not a complete noob to ppc's but may need a bit of direction in getting them working,if you dont mind that is.

    Thanks in advance for any help you offer.

    Watched your videos and they look awsome!
    yoo....i wanna buy a laser...but i know nothing about them, can u help me out?
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