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    Post Custom cpu limiter

    that wont really affect anything, the CPU will automatically idle when its not performing a task or if the screen off.
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    Post JamesDSP Audio Manager [MMT-EX]

    After working for While, it tells me I have to restart to enable dsp, then I reboot it's gets enabled and it works for a couple of hours and then the cycle continues Im using system root not magisk
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    Post Verizon S8+ G955U. BL V3 Can I get All the AT&T Bands Somehow? i think this is what youre looking for
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    Post What happens if I...?

    well as jrkruse said "root is not going to happen unless on of two things happen. Either we get combo oreo firmware so we have an oreo boot.img that is permissive or they event root that will work on stock enforcing boot.img for oreo because you can not modify the boot.img on a locked...
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    Thread Where to buy oem s8+ battery replacement?

    where can I find a good replacement or oem battery. most of the ones I've checked have had reviews.
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    Post samsung galaxy s8+ snapdragon verizon how to unroot

    flash this with this odin
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    Post [MOD][XPOSED] Niwatori - One Handed Mode - Nougat compatible

    Very nice. I used xposed edge to map it to the Bixby button and and can toggle it easily.
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    Post AOD Customizer Module [UPDATE: 11.20.18 v1.0.2]

    ok it works on s8+.