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    Post [ROM] RoyalGinger 3.0 - ckisgen - 8/3/11 - 2.3.4, Netflix, gTalk Video over 3G/4G

    Tasker Profiles Ok, So there are actually four profiles (as is often the case with tasker- you need more than one profile to accomplish what you want), one to check if the phone is off the hook, (for speakerphone), one to check if the phone is ringing (for flip to silence) and the other two to...
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    Post [ROM] RoyalGinger 3.0 - ckisgen - 8/3/11 - 2.3.4, Netflix, gTalk Video over 3G/4G

    Use Tasker I use tasker, it has a huge learning curve, but it allows you to import profiles, so if you get it, I could shoot you on over a profile to do what you ask. Tasker works with so many features of the phone it is CRAZY, and it supports locale plugins. I highly recommend it.
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    Post MT4G Bad Display vs Good Display, Which do you have? Don't wait get a good one today!

    I had the bad one SO, after rooting and finding out I had the "bad" display, I compared it to my wife's....WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Guys, if i don't know if you have the bad one, just put it at an angle, it should become frustratingly washed out. The good news: I returned the phone to t-mobile...
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    Post Overclocked kernel - Tests

    That makes Sense... Thanks for this explanation, that makes perfect sense....unfortunately....I guess the dream really is dead...
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    Post Overclocked kernel - Tests

    Something is happening First, Let me disclaim any impression that I have an in-depth knowledge of how any of this works. That being said, Let me explain.... I am desperate for high speeds on my existing device, as we all are. I installed Pershoot's overclocking kernel, which only goes to a...
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    Post Why is there no APP for XDA?

    Thanks for all the posts! Thanks for all the great feedback on my question. I'll make sure next time, I will post in the correct forum. But thanks all those who mentioned that for being so..."tactful" about it. I'll try to not to displease the gods next time.
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    Thread Why is there no APP for XDA?

    I am, by no close means, knowledgeable enough to create an app on my own, despite my few recent time-restrained attempts to learn. I would think, considering how much this forum is used for android, that there would have been an app created that would make it easier to browse the vast ocean of...
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    Post Compcache tutorial for Cyanogen 367

    Disk Size Is changing the disk size in to something like, say, 50mb, or higher dangerous? My phone has started to lag, presumably from the cache filling up. If not change the disk size, is there anything else I can do?