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Recent content by misteral1970

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    Post Question Problems with app permissions, Dev mode, Autonotification - Color OS

    I believe a system update fixed it. Dev mode is now persistent, as are permissions. Autonotifcation has passed its first test and that leads me to believe my issues are now gone.
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    Thread Question Problems with app permissions, Dev mode, Autonotification - Color OS

    Hi All, Just upgraded from LGV30 to OnePlus 9 Pro. I'm in China so running Color OS and actually hoping to stay on that (I think). Google account, play services and play store all working fine. I have activated Developer Options but the phone then deactivates it, with a warning that it might...
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    Post Chinese M9 bootlooping after OTA

    Trying a factory reset from safe mode - I'll let you know what happens!
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    Post Chinese M9 bootlooping after OTA

    Hi iElvis - the screen with the red triangle - there's nothing other than the red triangle, no options, no text and nothing happens if I press any of the physical buttons.
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    Thread Chinese M9 bootlooping after OTA

    Hi All, Really hoping someone can suggest a possible solution for this one, only had the phone a few months! So, Chinese released M9. Unlocked. Stock recovery, not rooted. Gapps installled. Everything perfect, then today I got the 5.1 update. Seemed like a slightly iffy install...
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    Post [Q] Moto X 2014 in China

    Fantastic news, thanks so much for the advice, confirmation and search hints!!!
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    Thread [Q] Moto X 2014 in China

    Sincere apologies if this has been asked and answered already, please pop a link to the relevant thread and I'll bother ye no longer! So here I am in China, with my GNex bravely soldiering on and they are about to release the Moto X 2014 into China. Trouble is, no gapps and no Google account...
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    Post [A700][ROM] iconiaN 2.6 (Jelly Bean 4.1.1) Fully rooted

    Hi Vorbeth, I took the leap and flashed this ROM to my A710. I'd already had a few different A700 ROMs on there, the last one being CM10, which was great. CM10 got to a point where I needed a Jelly Bean firmware, and that lead me to look at iconiaN It flashed easily, the only tiny issue being...
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    Post [NIGHTLY][ROM][4.1.2] CyanogenMod 10 for Acer A700

    Hi Guys, Running this excellent ROM on my a701, up until last night it has been amazing. Updated with the 20121024 update (the one after 'experimental') and was unable to get past the lock screen. It booted ok, lock pattern request came up but it did not respond when I tried to enter the lock...
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    Post [NIGHTLY][ROM][4.1.2] CyanogenMod 10 for Acer A700

    Hi Pawtip, Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for this. I threw it on the a701 (knowing I was taking a risk) and it works beautifully. Chrome is sluggish, but Dolphin is very smooth. Big improvement in performance all round. One thing I have noticed is that it gets very hot - more so than it...
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    Post [701] /System RW JB Boot image-Full Root UPDATED

    Hi MD, Slightly off-topic, but just to let you know. Tried this with the flawed 4.1.1 install we've discussed in the other thread, still no joy!! It was a long shot that I thought was worth a go anyway :)
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    Post A701 4.1.1 [JB] OTA Firmware. UPDATE: FULL 4.1.1 and ROOT

    @andlommy Hi there, When I try to follow through with stage 2, the update from the sd card, it fails with a set_perm error. Any idea at all why this is or what I could start to do to fix it? Obviously that's not a lot of information for you to go on, but it's all I get. If you know where I...
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    Post [Q] [A701] unrecoverable bootloader error (0X19000008)

    Hi Fishwood, To get into a workable bootloader mode, try this: Power button and volume DOWN at the same time, while flicking rotation lock on and off When the tablet vibrates, let go of the power button, but KEEP pressing volume down and KEEP flicking rotation lock The tablet should get to...
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    Post [701] /System RW JB Boot image-Full Root UPDATED

    Thanks MD! Going to give the 4.1.1 another go this weekend, using this boot. Will let you know how it goes :o)
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    Post [Q] Issues with A701 upgrade to 4.1.1

    "So if you can live with it, it's probably better to leave it be till we come up with something more definitive" Yeah, totally agree. Mate, seriously, thanks for the support and advice on this. It makes a big difference. Even as I sat there last night with what seemed to be an unusable tablet...