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    Post Luibor tempered glass screen protector

    Yeah, Whitestone is honestly the best screen protector I've ever used. Looking for a replacement or hoping they make it at some point. Looks like they completely avoided making a pixel 4 protector. I'll check out that protector you linked to, but it has 300+ reviews from weeks ago when no one...
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    Post Pixel 3 Accessories

    Everyone wanting to use this, make sure you put 2 screen protectors in your cart. That's what the coupon is looking for. Just being explicit. i know it was said before.
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    Post Obtaining Root/unlocked BootloaderU

    I just came across the same consensus. If it helps, I have the Pixel XL 128 with Verizon, version 7.1.1 and my build is NOF26V.
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    Thread [Q] Cisco Cius

    Does anyone have any experience with the Cisco Cius. We just got some in and initially they kind of suck... but I was wondering if anyone has any luck upgrading them to a newer version of Android. maybe like 2.3? or something past 2.2.2. Also, was curious why there isn't a specific area for...
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    Post Unable to update to 2.3.6 "assert failed: apply_patch_check" Help

    I'm helping a friend out with her 2.3.4 to 2.3.6 update, but were getting failures similar to this. Here is a link to my post if you guys could help :) thanks!
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    Post Unable to get 4.0.4 OTA Update

    Hey there. I tired that last package and it still failed. It gets farther, but fails after "verifying current system..." I'm attaching a picture of it.
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    Post Unable to get 4.0.4 OTA Update

    She had to leave, but will be trying it tomorrow. Thanks for the help! Where are you finding these links? Ill be playing with my samsung galaxy s2 soon.
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    Post Unable to get 4.0.4 OTA Update

    The only OTA is the 4.0.4 and it fails every time it tries to update. The phone is GT-I9020T.
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    Post Unable to get 4.0.4 OTA Update

    I just tried to on my friends phone but it failed on the 2.4.6 update (the 17mb one). Here is the output/error -- Install /sdcard ... Finding update package... Opening update package... Verifying update package... <it gets about 30% and says the following> E:failed to verify whole-file...
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    Post Unable to get 4.0.4 OTA Update

    I'm helping a friend with her phone and its not working and this thread helps a lot, but stuck on one part. She is on Android Version 2.3.4, Kernel Version How do I get her phone updated to version 2.3.6 so i can then perform the 4.0.4 update for her?
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    Post Atmel maXStylus mXTS100 - digitizer stylus - Compatible?

    I have not tried that... but its too late now :( I returned the Jot Pro.
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    Post Video artifacts.

    Your "5th prime" How many do you have or have you gone though?!
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    Post Video artifacts.

    Did you ever get this resolved? It happens randomly on my Prime as well. I have the latest ICS update (Build Mine happens through out though, like in settings/menus/etc... Here is an example.
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    Post Atmel maXStylus mXTS100 - digitizer stylus - Compatible?

    smbyne, I just got the Jot Pro and the response on the TF201 is awful. Is it actually working for you? I saw a couple other people saying they are using it too, but it barely picks up my writing. Is it just my tablet or is there something special you have to do? All in all, I love the tablet...
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    Post Is the Transformer Prime still worth buying with all the issues?

    I bought mine about 2 weeks ago and I love it. I use it as a dual purpose personal/business use tablet. I am working with Best Buy right now to return it and get a new one because the one I got came with some deal pixels. There are some bugs here and there with ICS, but its new and that comes...