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    Post HELP building AOSP for different devices

    I wish I had found some resources back in the day. On a Pixel 4 XL right now. I made ROMs for Nexus 5 and 7, maybe 10(know I had it for a bit). And Galaxy s2. I've been out of the loop a while, wanted to jump back in to custom ROMs and such but didn't expect my GOOGLE pixel to be OEM locked...
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    Post Discussion: The Sprint OnePlus 7 Pro 5G Bootloader is Locked

    Following this....But I'll probably end up just waiting till my contract is up so I can get away from Sprint. T-Mobile sounds good by the comments here - arent they merging, how will that work? They had to refund over $400 they ****ed up the bill so bad, and my account still lists devices I...
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 16.0 for S10E/S10/S10+ Exynos

    I'm looking to get back into all the fun that is android, I drifted away when all the bootloaders started locking. My last android was an S8(Sprint) and I couldn't do ****, so that was frustrating. I'm looking at what to get next, S10, S10e, A50.....or Pixel 3 or 3a maybe. Id like the...
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    Post [SOUNDMOD][5.0+/8.0][14/11/17]DivineBeatsV10.5 Beyond Infinity: The Sound You Deserve

    I think I already know the answer, but is there any way to get this for a AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 (no root)? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    Thread How do I get root on AT&T Galaxy S6 Marshmallow - downgrade? Please help!

    I have been trying to flash previous firmware version in Odin with no success. I keep getting the error: sboot.bin.....NAND Write....FAIL In the end I just want root access so if I can get it on my Marshmallow build(G920AUCS4CPF1) and help is appreciated. If I need to downgrade first, help...
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    Post //SM-G920A\\ **Full Odin Restore G920AUCU3BOJ7**

    I tried this and sboot.bin....NAND Write.....FAIL is what I get. Would a factory reset fix this or is there something else I can try.
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    Post [PORT] [ALPHA] NexSense | Sense 6.0 | WiFi FIX | M8 Port | Aroma | DEV ONLY

    Yeah, 1 GB plus custom Sense ROMs since Sense 5, I used Sense 4 on my One X, and up to KK(Sense 5.5) on my HTC One. I remember you from my HOX days.
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    Post [PORT] [ALPHA] NexSense | Sense 6.0 | WiFi FIX | M8 Port | Aroma | DEV ONLY

    Has anyone else seen the 4G logo show up(AT&T), flicker so i cant use the data as it shows up for a half second. Also I cant wait for wifi or working data, this is just awesome, thanks GalaxyUser. Also Ive had 2 random reboots, installed with MultiROM TWRP 2.7.0 03-08-14.
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    Post [ROM][Hammerhead][KitKat][4.4.4][KTU84P][Unofficial][13/07/2014] Dirty Unicorns

    Lockscreen notifications are still there; the setting is under Dirty Tweaks, Lockscreen, Misc. Tweaks. Omniswitch can be moved to the left, but you must turn it off to change position, then turn it back on to see the change. you can change size and position to left or right in that menu.
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    Post [ROM][Hammerhead][KitKat][4.4.4][KTU84P][Unofficial][13/07/2014] Dirty Unicorns

    Not sure what you mean. Sorry. New Build is up. I am putting it on the XDA File Server as well so you have the option to download from there, will be done in a couple minutes. Dirty Unicorns Unofficial Build with 8 Cherry Picks Built: 20140224-20:17 CST DU Gerrit Picks: Double tap to sleep...
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    Post [ROM][Hammerhead][KitKat][4.4.4][KTU84P][Unofficial][13/07/2014] Dirty Unicorns

    It is a WIP to make it so the notification icons do not overlap the clock.
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    Post [ROM][Hammerhead][KitKat][4.4.4][KTU84P][Unofficial][13/07/2014] Dirty Unicorns

    These have all been merged, building now with no cherry picks. A clean Unofficial Dirty Unicorns build. Build is finishing up now, then I'll test and upload. ---------- Post added at 12:46 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:06 AM ---------- Unofficial Dirty Unicorns Build - No Cherry...
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    Post [ROM][Hammerhead][KitKat][4.4.4][KTU84P][Unofficial][13/07/2014] Dirty Unicorns

    I will be building Unofficial Dirty Unicorn builds also, with Amplificator. Hammerhead Build with 15 cherry picks. Built: 20140221 DU Gerrit Picks: BrowserSettings: update desktop UA string to match Chrome 30 Browser: Fix browser force close Make our Google+ community the default page...
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    Post [ROM][Hammerhead][KitKat][4.4.4][KTU84P][Unofficial][13/07/2014] Dirty Unicorns

    New Hammerhead Build with 6 Awesome cherry picks. Built: 20140220-04:03 using SaberMod 4.8.3 Build added to 2nd Post of this Thread. Sent from my Arch Linux system sprinkled with Cinnamon
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    Post [ROM] [18Oct] AICP - 7.0 - KK 4.4.4_r2 hammerhead

    This is a known issue. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk