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    Post Rom S8 N960 Ported |SecureFolder|

    wow one more Q ROM.. great
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    Post [ROM][10] hadesRom Q v1.0 for Exynos S8 / S8+ / Note8 [26.12.2020]

    Android 11 (oneUI 3.0 ) ported to si exynos...
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    Post [ROM][10] hadesRom Q v1.0 for Exynos S8 / S8+ / Note8 [26.12.2020]
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    Post [ROM][10.0] YumiOS Q V3.0 for Exynos 7870 Variants [J710x]

    zip file corrupted.. check.. and reupload please...
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    Post [ROM][J710X] H-ROM N20 PORT V1.0 [10.0][OneUI 2.5][64 bits][Treble]

    fallow the steps correctly 1. you need vendor partition (flash create 2. flash repartition zip 3. then install ROM
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    Post Falcon ROM J7 2016 [ROM][9.0][TW][J710X]
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    Post Falcon ROM J7 2016 [ROM][9.0][TW][J710X]

    this not treble ROM.. you need to wipe vender partition.. or flash revert vendor.. then install this ROM.. try to use TWRP 3.4.0 or Orangefox recoery 11. orangefox...
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    Thread Falcon ROM J7 2016 [ROM][9.0][TW][J710X]

    Friends I am here presenting a stable ROM for Samsung galaxy J7 2016. Falcon OS ROM OneUI 1.5 ROM Info [√] General Optimization [√] Samsung Pie OneUI 1.5 [√] Always on display (fake) [√] FM Radio [√] Bluetooth [√] Applock [√] 101 Fonts [√] Galaxy Fold Wallpapers [√] Deboalted [√] Secure...
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    Post Project Nugget [G610X - 7.0]

    In 2020 nougat ROM. What is special about this ROM?
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    Post [ROM][J710X] H-ROM S20 PORT V2.0 [10.0][OneUI 2.1][64 bits][Treble]

    there is most important step Astrako did not mentioned. after flashing create vendor1.. then restart to recovery.. then only flash the ROM.