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    Thread [APP][5.0+][Giveaway] Nate, an app to help you track your subscriptions

    These past few months, me and a friend have teamed up as a developer and a designer with the goal of building a subscription manager that does the basics really well. This was a problem that we both had faced, and none of the other apps that we had tried fit the bill. Features Quick overview...
  2. modstorm

    Post Corrupted cache partition

    Favtory resetting from TWRP seemed to solve the problem! I had kept on wiping the partitions (data and cache) separately in advanced wipe instead of performing factory reset as I assumed that it was exactly the same, however as you mentiond, performing a factory reset rebuilds the cache...
  3. modstorm

    Thread Corrupted cache partition

    While updating the watch to Marshmallow, somehow I managed corrupted my cache partition. The watch is now stuck in a bootloop (always entering recovery). The stock recovery doesn't work anymore (black screen and some occasional text). I flashed TWRP and when checking the partition details, the...
  4. modstorm

    Post [App] Speed Wear

    Odds are that the apps hasn't yet synced to the watch. You can either wait a while for it to sync automatically, or else go into the Android Wear app, go into Settings, select your watch and press Resync Apps.
  5. modstorm

    Post [App] Speed Wear

    You can select MPH from the third screen :)
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    Post TV Boot (Reboot and Shutdown App)

    As pbanj said, it's available in the last page. However, the Play Store issue should be fixed by now and you should be able to download it from there.
  7. modstorm

    Post TV Boot (Reboot and Shutdown App)

    Thanks everyone for all the kind words regarding TV Boot! Thank you for uploading the apk. I'll start to include an .apk in the main thread for future updates. I have fixed the compatibility issue and it should be available on the Play Store again in a couple of hours. On another note, would...
  8. modstorm

    Thread Bootloader locked with no OS installed

    Whilst upgrading to Oxygen OS, I ran into an issue (wiped all partitions however ADB Sideload did not work so I got stuck with no OS). In an attempt to completely wipe the phone, I tried to lock and relock the bootloader, forgetting that the phone required to be booted up in order to unlock the...
  9. modstorm

    Post TV Boot (Reboot and Shutdown App)

    Thank you for the feedback and for letting me know :) I'll look into it however I doubt that I will add an option to kill background tasks as I believe that Android does a good job by itself and closing the apps manually does more harm than good.
  10. modstorm

    Post TV Boot (Reboot and Shutdown App)

    Thanks I appreciate the feedback! Didn't know that as I am yet to flash 5.1. However the added features such as reboot to recovery as well as the fact that it's faster than going through the settings should set it apart.
  11. modstorm

    Post TV Boot (Reboot and Shutdown App)

    I'll make some improvements to the UI in the next update :)
  12. modstorm

    Post TV Boot (Reboot and Shutdown App)

    Yes, sadly that is the only way I found to reboot.
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    Thread TV Boot (Reboot and Shutdown App)

    One of the things that I found lacking with my Nexus Player was the ability to reboot straight from within Android. As such, I decided to write a small app which allows me to do just this. I have also added some other small features, such as Reboot to recovery, Reboot to bootloader and Shutdown...
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    Thread [App] Speed Wear

    I have recently released my first Android Wear app, called Speed Wear. Speed Wear is a speedometer for your Android Wear device, turning your smart watch in a fully functional speedometer. Keeping track of your average and top speed, Speed Wear is ideal for driving cars, riding bikes...
  15. modstorm

    Post [kernel][v3.5] leanKernel: minimalistic kernel (1/28/16)

    LightFlow already has a Backup feature. Just go to Tools and you'll see it there :)