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  • hi moneytoo,

    i just bought a bluetoothwatch, and i love it.
    but is have just 1 question: is it possible to reduce the delay from the lock when the watch is out of reach?

    Thanks. Works just fine. Fakt jsi mi pomohl. Už jsem chtěl hodinky MBW -150 vrátit prodejci. Akorát v HTC HD2 mám asi jiné manu než máš v Galerii na netu, viď. Krysar
    Thanks. Works just fine. Unfortunately the watch I got is defective and wont charge up at all. I need to return it and wait 2 months for a replacement. Thanks for your help though.
    Hey, Great job on this amazing application. I was just wondering what build you were using on you're G1. I have a dev g1 and want to find a good / stable release so I can use your app, but cant find one that isnt buggy.

    Hi Moneytoo,

    Just bought a vibrating bluetooth bracelet with LCD screen from Brando. I installed your smartWatchM but cannot connect it to the VBB. It did not register the VBB at all. Appreciate your help. My PDA is HTC X7501 running HTC Std WM6.0.
    HOwdy Moneytoo,
    Honestly you are awesome...thanks for sharing so much!! I have a small question and realy hope you can help me out here. I have an HTC advantage x7501, a bluetooth stereo hbh-ds200 and the mbw-150. Now, as I connect the three and make phone calls everything is smooth yet if I listen to music and the mbw's bluetooth watch is on the music skips...I have to turn it off so the music can play normal. Is there something needed to be done with the registry, like assign a specific channel or something? I have been looking around to see if anyone else has had a similar challenge yet i don't think I've seen a post with hbh-ds200...any insights would much appreciated.

    again, THank you

    Hi moneytoo,
    Your smartwatchM is great.
    I can reading Japanese font on my MBW-200.
    A MBW-200 is pairing Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1.

    Thank you,Thank you.
    I'm happy.
    Hi Moneytoo,
    Thanks for your great stuff, I have couple questions if you don't mind.

    1- How can I install SMS reply (in steps plz).
    2- Where can I drop the .CAB files in my mobile to operate a specific software or program.
    Thanks in advance
    hi, i was wondering if you can help me find a source that you had awhile ago...about windows xp and mbw-150 watch had a name like gringer???or some? any ideas?
    Hello Moneytoo, i'v been using SmartWatchm for a while now and think its great. I just wanted to know if there is any way that could make the watch read out full text messages?
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