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    Post [ROM][OneUI 3.1][A7 Tab T500 Wifi and T505 LTE]Ultimate R

    wifi not working , lots of error in twrp logs
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    Post [Guide][SM-T500/T505] Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 - Unlock Bootloader & Root with Magisk

    same here .. cant pass it several time i flashed stockrom then patched rom no luck, still on it
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    Post [ROM][SM-T500] Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020) - LineageOS 19.1 (and TWRP 3.6.1)

    its works for me , but gapps missing now [ solved ] XD sorry for posting like newbie. Did not notice it was vannila build, now i installed the gapps build now its working fine. Any workaround for sd card? format as internal . Bluetooth speaker connected but tab keep playing and no sound from...
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    Post [X01BD] Can't install TWRP after unlocking with Official UnlockTool

    had same issue after fota update UL-ASUS_X01BD-WW-15.2016
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    Post [ROM-PORT] Freeme_OS-N_For Moto C Plus With VoLTE Support

    there is problem with google play .. could not use the internet to sign in google account. its saying -there is a problem communicating google servers. But i can browse through google from chromium and can sign in inside chromium. please provide a patch
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    Post New official kernel (ZE551/550ML)

    its source file .. you need to compile it 1st i think
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    Post 07. JUNE .2015 MIUI v4.12.20 REDEFINING ANDROID.. Naeem210

    screen keys how to remove screen keys
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    Post LEWA OS V5.1 for Lava Iris 504Q v. _14.10.17 updated 20/10/2014

    Viper4android issue previous rom viper4android was not working .. i am downloading atm can you verify its can work in this update ? :P
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    Post LEWA OS V5.1 for Lava Iris 504Q v. _14.10.17 updated 20/10/2014

    apk missing cds and termal apk s are mising from system/apps
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    Post LEWA OS V5.1 for Lava Iris 504Q v. _14.10.17 updated 20/10/2014

    CDS information disabled cant access CDS information. /dev/ttycmd1 not there how to fix it .. need to fix IMEI issue Rom is nice btw. please provide a patch.
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    Post [ROM] XiaoCai Os Rom for Lava iris 504q

    soft bricking my phone now its 3rd time i try to install this rom. selecting 2 cam driver as you but its stuck and randomly rebooting. i also try cam patch.