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Recent content by MoshPuiu

  1. MoshPuiu

    Post Call recorder app

    1. Sorry, I don't speak english very well! The point is, Google hide this feature and Samsung did the same thingin some countries. 2. The code is there in all ROMs but if you don't have the proper CSC you cannot activate it unless you root your phone and modify CSC features. 3. All that bunch...
  2. MoshPuiu

    Post Active 2 LDU watch faces

    You have already given your answer!
  3. MoshPuiu

    Post File manager problem

    Then you should use Total Commander... ;)
  4. MoshPuiu

    Post TOUCH PROBLEMS (maybe not?)

    I also had a positive test, but I didn't have any real problems or at least I didn't notice them!
  5. MoshPuiu

    Post Smart Switch or OTA?

    I once had a Samsung J2, bought new, which could not find an OTA update. I decided to update it via Smart Switch. After the reboot it started in the purest Chinese language, no google services, no google play, only Chinese apps. I wasted a few hours on Chinese forums until I found an English and...
  6. MoshPuiu

    Post Android 11 update fixed the touchscreen issue (for my S20FE Exynos) & the phone feels faster as well

    For me it's the same as before. Hardware problems can never be resolved completely by software solutions...
  7. MoshPuiu

    Post [Beta] Galaxy S20 FE 5G OneUI 3.0 Android 11

    Downloading right now in Romania ;)
  8. MoshPuiu

    Post Fingerprint Scanner is disappointing slow

    You probably have a problem with your phone. I had S10 until I bought S20 FE 5G (I gave S10 to my son). The fingerprint sensor is ok and faster than the ultrasonic one on the S10. I specify that it is valid for glass protection. On the S10 I had 'whitestone dome glass' and on the S20 I had...
  9. MoshPuiu

    Post Cheap glass screen protectors

    I use Spigen GLAS.tR Full Cover Glass and Case Rugged Armor. Beautiful.
  10. MoshPuiu

    Post Call recorder app

    Starting with android 9, Google bans call recording in many countries. So, If you are somewhere where GDPR rules then you have nothing to do, unless you root your phone...
  11. MoshPuiu

    Post What's the process to install custom ringtones?

    Just copy ringtones into the folder Ringtones! If the folder doesn't exists, make it!
  12. MoshPuiu

    Post ECG/BP on Android 6

    I'm afraid you must update your phone to Android 7. You can try custom ROM if official isn't available...
  13. MoshPuiu

    Post Bottom microphone faulty?

    The same thing happened to a friend of mine, but his phone was under warranty and, indeed, his motherboard was replaced. After about a year it happened again and he sent it back for repair. My friend suspects it happened because of the strong electromagnetic fields at work ... Fortunately...
  14. MoshPuiu

    Post Samsung Original Wireless Fast Charger Duo Pad 2.0

    My 'fast charge' charger is as slow as the 6 times cheaper one I have had for more than a year, this means that a full charge takes about 3 hours. I bought it because I got a smartwatch and I didn't want to have two chargers on my desk. I wiped the cache partition but the situation is the same...
  15. MoshPuiu

    Post call recorder help ?

    Nope, it doesn't record both sides. I tested this app last year and I tested it now again and it seems they found a better way to record from speakers. The level of background noise is high but you can hear the other voice, so... beter than nothig...