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    Post Android 11 - SM-N910f Help needed!

    Google Cardboard VR apps also dont work. on linenage os android 10 or 11. for the SM-NOTE 4. the phone sensors are not being detected! by Google VR services. however lineageos 17,1 Andoird 10. google cardboard vr does work just fine with an ancient! SM Galaxy 4
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    Thread Android 11 - SM-N910f Help needed!

    I installed the latest android 11. LineageOS 18.1 rom. on a SM-N910f. it's spotless. it uses just over 1.1 gb in ram! its very clean! i would really like if ANYONE could instruct me how to get a kernel or provide one, that allow to me to push the CPU from 2650mhz to 2800mhz or higher. and the...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] Havoc-OS 3.x [tblte][trlte][trlteduos]

    Hello uploader. I installed havoc os 4.2 with android 11! on a Samsung note 4 -n910f. i like the device for gaming it has nice quad hd screen! I would really like to overclock the device! its current max stock freqs are: cpu: 2690 mhz gpu: 600 mhz Desired OC! CPU: 2900 mhz GPU: 800 mhz the SM...