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    Post [ROM]​[OFFICIAL] AquariOS 9 || Live support || NEED TESTERS || Theming || 4/12

    I use this rom for 2 days and I had no worries. Thank you for your good work Sorry for my bad english.
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    Post [ROM][PD1A.180720.030]Pixel3ROM v1.0oct for Nexus 5X[9][20181101]

    Hello, I'm currently on beta 7.1.2 I have read a lot of page but I would like confirmation. To take advantage of this rom, I have to save everything, then unlock the bootloader and simply follow post 1 by first installing version 6.0.2, then do the OTA? I do not need root? Sorry for all these...
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    Post [ROM][DEC 08][Team Nocturnal] SinLessROM GPe v5.0.0 | Google Play Edition | 5.0.1

    sorry, I didn't want to read a hundred page. The ROM is compatible with DOT VIEW COVER ? Thanks and sorry for my bad english ;)
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    Post [Mod] CM11 (unofficial) Camera Mod -Max Quality

    not work on the CM of 08 september14 Stay on application launch after Wipe cache and Wipe dalvik cache Sorry for my bad english...
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    Post [ROM]【4.4.4】Google Play Edition【JFLTE-GPE】 - Oct 5th, 2018

    Slow motion caméra work ? Sorry for my bad english, I'm french.
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    Post [ROM] [PORT} cyanogenmod 11s beta 4.4.4 jflte

    Caméra work in slow motion ?
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    Post [ROM][NK4 4.4.2][Real S5 experience] Imperium v16.1 [FAST][SMOOTH][STABLE][22/01/15]

    It's possible to integrate booster download in your rom ? Thank's for your job !
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    Post [ROM][PORT] CyanogenMod 11 | KitKat | BUILD 8 | 29 Nov ]

    It's possible to activate % battery ? Thank's PS: sorry for my bad english
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    Post [ROM][KitKat][12/09][GNH7 V3.1] WanamLite Fast & Clean

    It's possible to integrate http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2355931 in your rom ? Thanks
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    Post [MOD] Awesome Framework Animations [DEODEX/ODEX][N7 PORT]

    Working on Wanam V1.1 + Adam kernel 1.3.2 (CWM) Thanks
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    Post [02-01-2013][CWMR] Trekstor Surftab Breeze 7

    Great new ! Thank you for your job !
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    Post [02-01-2013][CWMR] Trekstor Surftab Breeze 7

    If I understand, you know save / retrieve the original rom? So this principle, it remains to find a cook to modify / improve the rom? On the new recovery that you do, I test tonight ... Thank you for your work, hoping that other developers are also working on
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    Post [02-01-2013][CWMR] Trekstor Surftab Breeze 7

    good news! : Good: thank you have you managed to get the source code to make us a nice custom rom? in any case, thank you for your work! sorry for my bad english, i'm french