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    Post Decrypt Phoenix/phoenixin

    Hey joshi1 welcome back, great guide.
  2. MR.HACKER5476

    Post Dual volte on Lenovo z2 plus

    Its a modem feature and our device's modem doesn't support it so I don't see that coming.
  3. MR.HACKER5476

    Thread Will users like to see derp-caf xda release for our device?

    Well I would like to hear from the users if they would like to see derp-caf release on XDA ? Everyone is welcomed.
  4. MR.HACKER5476

    Post [rom][nitrogen-os][9.0.0][p] for zuk z2 [unofficial]

    Hello guys, it is been a while since this rom was updated here is and update -many fixes coming up with the build -camera slowness -background crashes fixes -grphics blobs update for p -audio fixes check device tree and vendor blobs for the detailed changes i was having trouble with maintaining...
  5. MR.HACKER5476

    Post [rom][nitrogen-os][9.0.0][p] for zuk z2 [unofficial]

    Rom Updated Changelog -Added CAF power hal from P tag -powerhints updated -thermal blobs updated from marlin -new thermal service enabled -gameplay enhancement throttling extended a bit for better gameplay results. more customization added by nitrogen team link updated in thread link for lazy...
  6. MR.HACKER5476

    Post [rom][nitrogen-os][9.0.0][p] for zuk z2 [unofficial]

    Rom updated --fixed camera slowness --new power hal service added --auto birghtness issue fixed --fp improved --dozing issue in background fixed --background ims crashes fixed --voice print service enabled --cutomizations added by nitrogen team. link for lazy people...
  7. MR.HACKER5476

    Post [rom][nitrogen-os][9.0.0][p] for zuk z2 [unofficial]

    sir you are welcomed to don't flash this for the god sake, if you facing issue with fp give logs and provide some steps to reproduce that bug, my tester friends and other users tested it enough and after the tests rom got released here at xda, i am not saying that it is 100% stable and ofc it is...
  8. MR.HACKER5476

    Post [rom][nitrogen-os][9.0.0][p] for zuk z2 [unofficial]

    hello, thanks for your concern but hal1 and hal3 can't be enabled at same time like if he enable hal1 hal3 will be disabled and if hal3 enabled hal1 will be disabled they both don't work at same time and for that exposure thing it is related to app i have no idea which app supports it but maybe...
  9. MR.HACKER5476

    Post [rom][nitrogen-os][9.0.0][p] for zuk z2 [unofficial]

    Here Quick update -fixed Fingerprint scanner it won't enroll at first attempt but works fine after that -fixed gapps issues -fixed webview crash thanks to sandeep.sethi and ZyxxeZ for the fix - power profile update from marlin -power hal update for marlin - swipe up geature added enable nav...
  10. MR.HACKER5476

    Post [rom][nitrogen-os][9.0.0][p] for zuk z2 [unofficial]

    Here A quick update U-touch fixed bug left fingerprint reader https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hecq75t7NaO3auP6yKE4xKVg1BQzsR-S/view
  11. MR.HACKER5476

    Thread [rom][nitrogen-os][9.0.0][p] for zuk z2 [unofficial]

    Nitrogen-OS Rom which focus on Stability with Featured Experience with solid AOSP-CAF Base What is working? WiFi RIL Mobile Data GPS Camera Flashlight Camcorder Bluetooth Sensors Sound / Vibration VoLTE Fingerprint Bugs? Encryption camera slowness when switching front to back and back to...
  12. MR.HACKER5476

    Post [ROM][OMNI][OREO][8.1]]UNOFFICIAL][OSS-CAM-HAL]For Zuk Z2 Plus

    Rom Updated --Added support for Vodafone and Airtel Volte --switched to caf power hal instead of marlin one --switched to new thermal configs --thermal blobs updates --camera fixes and updates from CAF link for lazy people: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14qeAiWEmS08AgeXjLygnZ4V-hrSDOp5n link...
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    you having telegram? mrhacker5476 my user id.