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    Post Xiaomi Mi 9 Guide [MIUI 11 | 9.12.27 | | TWRP Recovery | Root]

    I have made a reboot into TWRP. Cleared Data/System/Cache and vendor. Installed 9.9.26 ZIP and after Mi logo it just gives reboot to recovery. Any solutions for this? I really want that MIUI 11
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    Post [M.O.D. KERNEL Q 1.5] MIUI 11 Mi9/ 9T Pro 835mhz GPU DynFsync LZ4 WLblock *FOD Fix*

    I do everything mentioned in the post exactly step by step and I still get the RESET PHONE button in the middle after I change data and cache to F2FS. What the hell am I doing wrong just tell me... ROM I flashed : After flashing made a basic set up without...
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    Post [M.O.D. KERNEL Q 1.5] MIUI 11 Mi9/ 9T Pro 835mhz GPU DynFsync LZ4 WLblock *FOD Fix*

    Encryption was interrupted and can't complete. As a result, the data on your phone is no longer accessible. And all I have is RESET PHONE button in middle which boots into TWRP when pressed. What am I doing wrong? I'm on xiaomi.eu_multi_MI9_V10.2.16.0.PFACNXM_v10-9
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    Post Paranoid Android Pie Beta - Xiaomi MI 9

    Insane idle battery drain issue here. I had device on 100% when I went to sleep and after I woke up it was on 74%!! . Also today device kept freezing when screen was. Power button was doing nothing so I had to hold it to force restart the device (This happened 4 times today). Any fix for this...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][Xiaomi Mi 9][UNOFFICIAL]Pixel Experience [AOSP[2019/09/27]

    This is me posting from fresh PE Rom because I had to do full wipe of it :) . I'm still at work and 30 minutes ago phone screen turned black (As it does sometimes) and as always only solution was reboot. I did that and after restarting phone failed to connect to any WiFi network or even mobile...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][Xiaomi Mi 9][UNOFFICIAL]Pixel Experience [AOSP[2019/09/27]!NdpXTIZJ!B0MVb3xkdRdlURBj1AjCxRBqphvSVn6YgxzpGhrNnkM Flash this vendor and then flash the PE Rom again. ---------- Post added at 04:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:39 AM ---------- New issue here : Someone was calling me and phone screen went completely black and...
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    Post [MOD][ROOT] Overclock your screen to 84HZ

    Greetings. This mod is amazing and I have no issues with it except one. I'm currently using Pixel Experience ROM and when screen is off for like a minute fingerprint doesn't get recognised no matter which part of finger I use but after I'm unlocking the device using password (Or smart lock face...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][Xiaomi Mi 9][UNOFFICIAL]Pixel Experience [AOSP[2019/09/27]

    Edited : I had problem with Fingerprint but firmware with new vendor worked. Any working Gcam for this ROM ? Mine crashes and so does the camera comes with ROM One more edit : I flashed fw+vendor_cepheus_global_stable_10.2.11.0 and after I flashed PE ROM. Could not get any camera to work not...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][Xiaomi Mi 9][UNOFFICIAL]Pixel Experience [AOSP[2019/09/27]

    Hey guys. Ex Poco owner here. I'm about to unlock bootloader and install this custom ROM. Can anyone tell me pros and cons of this ROM? How stable it is as daily driver because I do need it at work. Battery life and etc. Thank you.
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    Post Is the phone worth it?

    Please don't buy this device . I got mine for Georgian Lari 430 (157$). Device is getting laggy when trying to play Mobile Legends. Device has touch issues and in 2019 it's not satisfying to see device getting hot. For example : I am dragging my joystick in Mobile Legends and phone lets off the...
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    Post Screen Burn In

    Nope, I haven't applied any protection.
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    Thread Screen Burn In

    Hello. I own this device for almost two months now and three days ago I've noticed that there is yellow screen burn on the right top corner of the device which is visible only on white background. I'm wondering if there is way to fix it without screen replacing . And since it's LCD I've heard...
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    Post Touch screen problem

    Hello and thank you for the answer. However, I'm on stock firmware but not rooted. I got this device few days ago brand new and my bootloader isn't even unlocked tho I've seen videos of how to looks like it is hard. I'm on latest pie update.
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    Thread Touch screen problem

    Hello.Ex Pocophone owner here. I switched to essential four days ago and I'm loving this device. My problem is that when I'm playing my favourite game - Mobile legends and moving the joystick sometimes is doesn't recognize my finger and lets joystick out so I'm standing like a fool in middle...