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  • SORRY to bother yu guys, but i think i ****ed up my X1 like i put da stock spl without downloading the original rom i already had an uploaded cooked ROM on it and when i was flashing the stock spl i got error 262 no matter wat i do the problem isnot going away all i get in the boot screen is a message saying:
    Continue to upgrade ROM
    Please wait...

    If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated:(
    mrvanx, the downgradable bootloader is missing from your site. Can you upload it to a thread and make it a sticky. My Hermes needs to go back.
    hi there sir, i just want to ask if how can i reset my tytn to its factory settings? a reply from you will much appreciated.. thanks...
    Hello, I from Russia, I am sorry for my English if that incomprehensible, would I like, to talk on the account of Russian WM 6.5, who does can to do the Russian sewing? to whom to appeal me through this question?
    sir all the links are dead can i ask for the file to dowgrade spl 1.06 to make it 1.04

    many thanks
    I had started a post yesterday about probs with BT in my BMW. I do not see that thread now! Was there something wrong? I did use the search function, was able to find probs with AUDI, VW etc., but not BMW. Can u plz help.
    Hi People, please send me a PM rather than a visitor message, I dont tend to read visitor messages much (dont get notified as much). Cheers!
    The HTC_Software wiki seems to have disappeared.
    Could I ask if someone could look into what has happened to it.

    Thank you.
    Solved it, YESSS, thanks to some posts

    Originally Posted by TreoFred View Post
    Keevin, this might not be enough for you if you're in the same situation as I am. You'll also need to disable the hidden AT&T proxy (used for MediaNet) that is in the Opera config. In my case, it would prevent sites such as Google News from working correctly, etc.

    To do this:
    1) Open Opera browser
    2) In the address bar, type 'Opera:config'. This will bring the advanced configuration panel
    3) Scroll down to the Proxy section
    4) Disable (uncheck) the checkmark in front of HTTP and HTTPS
    5) Save and restart Opera.

    This has made my browsing faster and it now works for many more sites, no disconnection, no weird message, etc.
    Apologies in contacting you today.
    The Topic ~ Programs/Utilites & Games ~ working on the Touch HD has become very popular (over 20,500 hits to date).
    A number of members have asked if this topic can now become a 'Sticky'.

    Therefore, my request is please can you alter the topic's listing from general to Sticky.

    Many thanks in advance.
    hi, sorry to bother you.
    Seems like we could have quite a big problem with the G1 and non t-mobile sim cards.
    Seems that the phone reports back to t-mobile even if your using a different sim, could be costing people a lot without them realising

    Got a thread on this already .....
    Any chance you could mebi change the description to something to outline what could be a big problem.

    Hello again!

    Sorry to bother you again, but I was wondering if it is possible to change the poll question in my GPS lag thread?

    I have updated the information with another method, and basicly what I want is to know what method works best! Method 1 or method 2? And maybe if one could choose how well it worked too, and what radio is used! If that is possible?

    This should help us better understand what is happening, and how to solve this issue!


    Can you please tell me what I have to do to make this thread a stickie?

    I want this thread to be a resource in helping to fix the GPS lag issue!

    My plan is to gather as much data as possible from members that it works / not works for, and see if there is a common ground!

    If let´s say it works best for the members that have a particular radio / custom rom, then we should take a look in that particular configuration to see what makes it better!

    Also I dont mind keeping the first post updated, according to what findings we make!

    Thanks in advance, and I hope you think this is a good idea!

    Best regards
    Branko Savic
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