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  • Hey, just wanted to say hello, hope you summer is going good, nice to see your helping out alot in the Kaiser thread!
    Just to answer your question about bengalih.
    JimmyMcGee banned him because his posts were being 'sabotoaged' so he banned him thinking it may have been a hacked account
    I have a really old Compaq laptop which is less than those specs, and the only real issue I had with it was if vista didnt support the drivers, neither does 7, and my video card on it is just too old. With that said though, it was still pretty fast.
    I am using it on my main Desktop PC which is a Core 2 Quad, geforce 8800...etc and I find it is still really fast on quite a lot of things.
    Id say, if you feel like being adventurous, back up all your data and try it while you can.
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