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  • Hello marK,
    iam a great fan of yours here.Iam looking for HD2 Leo stock rom version 1.48.720.2(71294)WWE.
    Radio -

    Can you please help me get this .

    Thank you,
    Hello Mark,
    is it possible to switch between different skins in MBS?
    I would like to go back if i don't like this skin.
    Already donated thru paypal.
    The Netherlands.
    hi bro..may i ask for your opinion and i need your help about my htc tytn phone cant use the 2nd camera anymore..after i flash some xda roms..but i dont know which one..suddenly my camera cant change to front camera and the icon to change the camera at the screen seem also disappeared.right now my phone use radio emo
    hard spl 3.34
    driver 3.57htcks
    i already try change the radios to but still the same.and i already flash with stock roms but it still got the same wont fix it..
    I ve got a question about the icon do you isntall a theme and make it available to the theme changer feature?
    I tried with the instructions and could not get it to load.
    I am American so I get the english.
    Thank You
    Hello, i bougth an HTC HD2 and i want to put your NEW WINDOWS PHONE 7 SERIES BASED THEME FOR SPB MOBILE SHELL 3.5.3
    Please how i process. i download the (ProPlus_WP7_HomeHub1_5Pages_Active1), (MSkip_ProPlus_WP7_3.5.3_WVGA_20100423) and (mskip Shell Sense TouchFLO Today Switcher v2). I need to put all those 3 files in the HTC Card? Please i would like a help? thanks!!! me email [email protected]

    First at all...SORRY for send you through a private message...but I would like to ask you something directly to you.

    I have a HTC Diamond and SPB mobile shell. I am looking for a widget or a skin for the birthday remainder of SPB.

    I do not want to install a theme full of others skins...I just wanna that one.

    Could you inform me about how to get this?


    Hello MSkip!
    Sorry to bother you with my questions, but... could you please answer me?
    I have created a custom skin for a shortcut for your WM7 theme. I have added it to the va_box_now_WM7.dat, also modifying the index.xml (adding it there too). But it still doesn't show up when trying to change the skin of a shortcut. What part am I missing?
    Hey there, I just bought the HD2 from T-Mobile a couple weeks ago and am having major performance issues... It's extremely laggy and has been freezing a ton. I have to remove the battery once a day usually. I disabled all the AGPS and location detecting services, but it's still VERY slow
    Phone info:
    Flash Size: 1024mb
    ROM: 2.10.521.1 (82076) WWE
    OS: 5.2.21889
    Manila: 2.5.20121412.1
    Please help me. My Leo dead after update rom.

    My HD2 was damaged by upgrading rom and it can’t be turned on. The problem is it can’t finish upgrading rom. I have already done Task29. (Rom official 1.43 but can’t remember radio rom version)
    hello mskip

    i'm having issues with my htc tilt. i just flashed it with kaiser-hardSPL.exe and the camera has gone black and i was wondering what to do, to correct the problem
    hello mskip ...

    I'm in need of help. I have a cell phone (Ciphone C6) with WM 6.1 and 320x480 screen HVGA. I wonder if you'll develop the ProPlus for this screen resolution HVGA.

    Thank you.
    I having issues with my htc hd2. After it idles the screen wont turn on only the hard buttons light on, sometime it freezes and when i reboot the screen flickers when it is a the tmobile sticker. I have to soft reset alot only to use it for about 30min before i does one of the three issues.
    i am trying to remove hspl and have followed all the steps...i have a white screen with loading at the top and it has been like this for 30 plus min
    Hi mskip... I succesfully upgraded my HTC Tytn II (Tilt) to wm 6.1 last year. Now I trying to shift from wm 6.1 to wm 6.5 but can't find without success. Can you give me a link to the file and guide on how to do this. It sounds like this one is a bit tricky...
    hi Mskip,

    i am using a HTC HD2 and my current rom is 1.48.720.2 i am in india and my rom is open to all the countries SN nos is HTC9CMNW*****

    which offical ROM can i use
    hey, i have a quick question. I have successfully loaded the hspl 1024 but wondering which rom I should upload next. also, does this unlock the phone from tmobile to any carrier ie. att?
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