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    Post eRobot ROM V.12.1 T700,705 Android 5.0.2 Aroma 10.06.16

    +1, need support for T700 wifi model. Please consider.
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    Post AminCM 7.2 V002 - Theme , Tweaks & Extra's[Need Tester]

    Update the ROM link please Amin CyanogenMod V001(The Rom itself)[/B] This not the ROM's link (just Dooms kernel)... please update it ASAP:)
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    Post [TOOL] [UPDATE 04/09/2015] Flashtool version - Windows / Linux / Mac

    Hi @Androxyde, When ll u release bl unlock plug in. Eagerly waiting for the release. TY :)
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    Post x10 forums looks like starting to die :'(

    Long live x10. :)
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    Post [TOOL] - X10 Bootloader Unlock Tool 0.1.1 - Mayazcherquoi (11/09/2011)

    What about the answers to questions that tool poses?
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    Post MIUI 1.9.30

    Hi can someone upload the MIUI Music?!! please.
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    Post {X10}[DEVELOPMENT] -FXP130- CM7.2.0 - RELEASED - FreeXperia Project

    Congratulations J, Congratulations team FXP, Proud of you guys. A zillion thanks. I bought x10 in May 2010, after one year, i have same interest and its growing. Xperia X10 is still a brand new device for me. -MSP
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    Post Official 2.3.3 Update for X10-ALL you'll need to know [MEGA UPDATE 30 JULY]

    OMG! really? R u Serious?? :D hehehe :D
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    Post Sony Ericsson,XDA the real story

    Very Funny:) Yea, XDA ROCKS, SE Rocks:P
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    Post [THEME] WhiteOrange for Wolfbreak´s Xperia_TW_V007+V008 Rom

    Hi LostEden, Could you make the contacts and message apps transparent?? also consider removing the lock screen Image, Panda ll become ma locksreen Pic.. Please, please, please :)
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    Post [THEME] WhiteOrange for Wolfbreak´s Xperia_TW_V007+V008 Rom

    The Awesome! This is "The Awesome" :D Checkout attached pics.. Launcher: Go launcher EX Theme : Panda theme :D
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    Post All Gingerbread Questions & News goes here

    It's really really sad that x10 aint getting 16M colors, 16M remains a dream:( Maybe Devs here gotta do something.. I urge all devs to bring 16M to ur beloved x10:) Thank you :)
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    Post [APP] 9/6 HTC Keyboard for the X10

    Force Closes :( Wolf's CM6..
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    Post Theme [ProjectX-V1.5] update 12/06/11 for Wolf's CM6.1.3

    I have No prob whatsoever wid settings.apk, workin as it'd be.. Running on Wolf's CM6. BB 67