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Recent content by mubarakmin

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    Post [ROM][LineageOS 16.0][Android 9 for SM-T235, SM-T235Y][degaslte]

    Seems like T230 and T235 have different chipsets. I guess can't install this. Is there any way to modify this for T230? Is it going to be very complicated? I have no experience but I might want to give it a try if it's not going to be too hard. Please advise.
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    Post Fingerprint responsiveness, lock screen wallpaper

    My K30 Pro Zoom with Poco rom works fine for me with screen protector on. It sometimes misread but that's not very common. Yes it seems a bit slower than the back fingerprint but I don't really mind that much as it's not that much of a difference.
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    Post Poco F2 Pro vs K30 Ultra

    These three negatives are the largest turn off for me. Especially the MediaTek CPU. It makes installing roms and updates a nightmare from personal experience. Definitely not going switch because of just a bit better screen and speaker.
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    Post Can i install poco f2 rom on redmi k30 pro?

    I waited a week to unlock the phone. After that I just download a flashable rom, extract it and run the "flash_all.bat". Only after that I install twrp. You probably could flash twrp first and then flash the zip.
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    Post Can i install poco f2 rom on redmi k30 pro?

    I installed the Poco F2 Pro Global MIUI12 Stable Rom on my K30 Pro Zoom. I just flash the rom directly without making any modification and it works fine.