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Recent content by musisakkikus123

  1. musisakkikus123

    Thread Nexus 5 boot stuck

    I rooted my devoce in several methods. Fastboot method and other ones. But every time i root my device it stucks in flying dot menue until the battry dies. Every time i have to flash stock rom via fastboot adb. Please help me . i really want elementalX kernel on my device.:rolleyes:
  2. musisakkikus123

    Post [Q] Nexus 5 Mysterious Stuck on boot animation

    Nexus 5 boot stuck Bro just try to write the following Command in cmd in the platform devices folder 'fastboot devices' instead adb devices. copy the stock image to the Platform-tools folder and just flash it via fastboot commands. mine was stuck in boot animation and did the same
  3. musisakkikus123

    Post [SOLVED] Nexus 5 stuck in boot loop animation (Lollipop) , partially working with 4.4

    Bootloop annoying Hi. I have some real issue back with my device here. Nexus 5 is running android 6.0.1 and running smooth and fine just a battery drainage issue. So i came up with ElementalX Kernel and crazily wanted to flash in. But the real problem presists, is whenever I try to root or...
  4. musisakkikus123

    Post [GUIDE] Unlock Phone / Recover IMEI

    Sir plz can you instruct me to restore IMEI of LG p970 plzzz No Imei
  5. musisakkikus123

    Post [Q] No network , no IMEI.. BASEBAND NEEDED lg p920

    Plz Help me too. I have LG p970 and Also after flashing stock rom Lost my baseband and now no IMEI and cant Use sIm network.. Rest Is working perfect.
  6. musisakkikus123

    Post [Q] p970 No Sim service after stock ICS.. HELPPPPPP!!

    I have tried many custom roms but still the problem prisists . No IMEI dude to which I could not connect to mobile network. other than that everythings working good wifi etc.. HHEEELLLPP
  7. musisakkikus123

    Post [Q] p970 No Sim service after stock ICS.. HELPPPPPP!!

    DUde this Putty is not opening and when I connect my p970 in CP USB Mode Connect/Disconnect voice come from computer constantly:mad:
  8. musisakkikus123

    Post [Q] p970 No Sim service after stock ICS.. HELPPPPPP!!

    Thanks alot I will Try .... And is there any alternative way to install CWM via smart flash tools??
  9. musisakkikus123

    Post CyanogenMod bin\fls

    Dude is it the full stock rom?? Or its just the CWM??
  10. musisakkikus123

    Thread [Q] p970 No Sim service after stock ICS.. HELPPPPPP!!

    Plz Help Me.. I will be very thnkfull to You. I just converted my LG KU5900 to P970 and flashed Stock ics in it. I just lost the baseband ( I Guess ) . No Service, sim could not be read. When I try to *#06# it says null IMEI.. I am stuck plz help me. I beg U guys.:( Other than that I could not...