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    Post adb sideload issues

    Use Ubuntu. Sideload is broken on Windows.
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    Post [SOLVED] WiFi Completely Broken …

    Thank you. I wasnt able to flash with the OP original recovery and your method worked in perfection. Instead of using adb sideload, I copied beta2 to the phone and flashed in TWRP. After booting beta2 and having Wifi back I download and updated for 8.0.0 (5.0.1) trough "local update" in...
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    Post [Kernel] RenderZenith OP5 [OOS/LineageOS V4.2.0] (22 Mar 2019)

    Hands down for this EAS implementation. Excellent job guys.
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    Post [AKT][25th Dec][BETA] Advanced Kernel Tweaks v2.2.2 For OP5 & S835 devices

    RogerF81 looking forward for more optimizations in the soilwork. Thanks for your work and Mostafa Wael
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    Post [OFFICIAL] [7.1] LineageOS 14.1 - OnePlus 5 [cheeseburger]

    Did you wiped Dalvik/cache, data and system before installing Lineage?
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][cheeseburger] AOSP-CAF for OnePlus 5 [LA.UM.5.8.r1-02800-8x98]

    Is there a good alternative to LOS Privacy Guard/privacy manager to use with this ROM?
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    Post OxegynOS has a secret data collection and logging service!

    Is Lineage more secure privacy wise?
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    Post Oneplus 5 issue with h+ network

    I've tried lineage and h+ is unstable. Probably is a modem/firmware issue.
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    Post Oneplus 5 issue with h+ network

    Same problem here. The H+ is very unstable.
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    Post [KERNEL]Revan Kernel

    What are the changes for R8.EAS? Thanks!
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    Post [OFFICIAL] [7.1] LineageOS 14.1 - OnePlus 5 [cheeseburger]

    I always remove the fingerprint before flashing a new rom. You can have boot loops if you dont do that.
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    Post [OFFICIAL] [7.1] LineageOS 14.1 - OnePlus 5 [cheeseburger]

    See if the encryption key is the PIN created when entering the fingerprint.
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    Post [OFFICIAL] [7.1] LineageOS 14.1 - OnePlus 5 [cheeseburger]

    It crashes here too, but just when using 2x zoom camera mode.