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    Post [APP][5.0+][v3.5.5] BubbleUPnP - UPnP/DLNA/Chromecast Control Point and Renderer

    folder refresh/wdcloud and youtube 1080p+? hey there, first of all i can only thank for this program changing my media life at home for almost half a year now. so im very thankful and a proud "buyer" anyway. good job mate. i currwntly got 2 questions: 1) while sometimes the library keeps...
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    Post [ROM][27July] ●●●► Omega v27 ◄●►AOKP◄●►Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat◄●►

    just to defend myself a little: i full wiped. i really know about all the rom settings. maybe the "killall" term was not the word i was looking for. well now i totally got that. i see.maybe the reflash is worth a try. backup and stuff im used to. loving TB although i cant backup my email 4.0...
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    Post [ROM][27July] ●●●► Omega v27 ◄●►AOKP◄●►Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat◄●►

    Bug Feedback / 7 days intense usage Hi there, thanks for the last answer for gapps. somehow i did read that i should flash gapps, whatever - they updated automatically and after that, they worked. I now used Omega v11 for seven days very intense, hanging on the phone for many hours, testing...
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    Post [ROM][27July] ●●●► Omega v27 ◄●►AOKP◄●►Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat◄●►

    Hi, love your rom, but after installing gapps 4.3 on my v11 omega (on my s3 int) i get several gmail and google search errors. cant even start those programs. fully wiped before rom install. only new boot animation and gapps were additionally installed. any ideas why my apps crash? thanks !
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    Post Dust under screen

    Anyone got an opinion on this?
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    Post Dust under screen

    Damn i was so 100% sure to buy this phone. Looks nice, small form, nice hardware and gooood price... but this dust problems makin it so hard... whats your advice guys? how fast was the c-service? anyone from germany?
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    Post [UCCW][THEME][WIDGET] UCCW 2.0 skins and themes

    What Icon Theme you are using? Nice Clock! What IconSet/Theme you are using and which launcher? Looks delicious! Would be glad if you could tell me :)!
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    Post [ICS][Alpha|Beta] Q&A

    Rotation is not working at all EDIT: After 2 restarts rotation worked. Strange, any idea? But if it stays that way: SICK! Any further updates planned for this rom?! This is the best rom ever, had the complete ARHD series. But this just kicks ass and makes Desire HD fun again!
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 7.3 & 9.2 | High Quality & Performance | O/C | Legendary

    damn yeah, but i thought the 2nd one is something "special". something unstable or for users willing to take bugs for some pre-release or something. so i thought i have to stick at the first one. nvm. thanks to you all. sorry for being a lil bit dumb ;)
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 7.3 & 9.2 | High Quality & Performance | O/C | Legendary

    Sorry if i sound like an idiot, but i read "7.0.0" and looked the whole thread on page 1 for the 7.0.0 download link, but there is only "Android Revolution HD 6.3.2" to download. Also there ios this Sense UI 3.5 Port thing. So basically: I want the latest and stable version. Do i download...
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    Post Todo Widget in a minimal style?

    Has this box around while your calendar widget only consists of text. thats the main problem i meant when saying "boxlike" above. any idea? Sent from my HTC Desire HD using xda premium
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    Thread Todo Widget in a minimal style?

    Hi, is there any widget out there that does not look so box-like? I love Simple Calendar and i can customize it so perfectly so its fully integrated in my homescreen, with alpha background, small font and a minimal look. Anything like that out there for todo? google sync would be cool but...
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    Post Iphone Folder Style-App?

    Thats what i did. Tried all apps related to that. SimiFolder (has no preview and iphone icons), 2x Iphone Folder Style (does not look good), App Folder(doesnt start) Please tell me if you can remember. Or check the market yourself for me. Thanks!
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    Thread Iphone Folder Style-App?

    Im looking for the iphone folder style. Important is the possiblity to show the apps inside as a preview (filling the place) and if possible, to disable the label. im aware that in the market are 2 versions called "iphone style folder" and "iphone style folders. Both dont look like in the...
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    Post Home Screen Shots

    WHats the name of that folder-app? Just found simiFolder - or is it pack for it? thanks!