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  • Hello I need some help with my g1 I want to put ur new 1.6 os on my phone and I need some help can u private message me
    Hi man, wondering if you can help me out. i have installed andriod on my vouge, but i cant for the life of me get data (sign in to gmail browse internet etc) i am using myns warm donut, i tried editing the default txt to have the ppp settings, that did not work, i have tried editing the apn settings in android, but if i put in the correct mcc and mnc values it simply deletes the entry? not sure what else i can try but if you have any thoughts id love to hear them. my carrier is telecom nz and the apn settings can be found here
    thanks heaps mate!
    Hi there, thanks for this version of andriod, it is awesome. unfortuntaly i have a problem i cant get data? everytime i edit the mcc it deletes my apn settings? any way around this? im in new zealand if that helps.
    after i flashed NBH file for android. my device is HTC Cruise i got small font and pic that means wrong NBH file
    problems are

    1-how to get into Bootloader screen to reflash new
    NBH file tried (Camera + power + Soft reset ) and noway

    2-which better NBH file for my device to get good resolution
    Myn!!! Check the BT Thread! Pavel already uploaded the new kernel with BT Working...can u try to make it work? Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Would be perfect!
    i am downloading now... i tried it before on a 512mb drive (ran out of space... going to try on a larger sd.... cant wait
    hey myn dude you should make a newer version of your darkstared themed android for vogue with better stuff and probably you should add the nexus one boot animation it would be nice and probably i will donate
    Gr8 job keep it up..i was dying to get android on my Polaris nd thax to u i got it.
    Well i need sum suggestions:
    1) How can i get ur Home theme?
    2) How can i get to enter my GPRS settings to access internet?
    3) How can i connect to the computer while in Android mode?
    Plz do revert sooon. thanx in advance.
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