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    Post Pie Call recording -Working-

    none of them are the correct file. you and I and probably others need the latest combo file
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    Post [ROM]13.08.16] [5.0] [Stock] [N9005.../GBPB1/GBPD3/GPG1/GBPH2] QS-N9005-LP

    Don't suppose you have a working black theme/mod for the ph2?
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    Post Is there any way on earth to rollback to oreo.

    So that's all you needed to do? What version is the camera?
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    Post Need help to downgrade my note 8 to a previous update (N950USQU7DTA3)

    If your updated to bootloader 8 you cannot go back to 7
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    Post battery for note 8

    note8 is a sealed unit
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    Post Galaxy Note 8 LED Case - Icon Ideas

    Shame the case cannot give me message sender id knowing who is calling without opening the case is cool but I'd also like to know whom the message is from.....
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    Post Problem rooting SM-N910 F with CF Auto Root

    did you remove battery after the flash?
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    Thread how to update tsp fw?910C

    screen has become unresponsive to touch,except the very bottom back/menu buttons. *#2663# gives "unfortunately device keystring has stopped" adb shell command gives same error can it be updated with any different commands? putty,terminal etc Thanks
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    Post S8 to get Android 10 update after all? and note 8?

    Yep Was just elaborating on the security patch release. I doubt we will get A10 for our N8.
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    Post S8 to get Android 10 update after all? and note 8?

    just getting an update today ---> N950FXXS8DSK1
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    Post Does Root still work after the october 2019 patch

    can we hide root from banking apps etc?