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    Post SM-G930P Root - Updated 10/25/2016

    Does anyone use this phone to spoof with pokemon go? Also can it be done without root?
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    Post Best slim case I've found yet

    Best slim/thin case Ive ran into and unlock similar variations with a solid color this one has a clear back, if you enjoy seeing your device like i do.
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    Post Any radio app?

    Whats the name of the app, i have the US BT variant, dont see it on the app store.
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    Post [Guide] LG G4 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock) KDZ & TOT Method

    I did this with Win 10 64bit, and i always get a connection error and nothing progresses. Okay wow its working now, you REALLY need to edit this guide and very clearly express: Network connection fail is normal: Click Okay and leave phone at the exit button screen. DO NOT CLICK EXIT!! I didn't...
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    Post LG G4 proximity sensor always on when screen is turned off

    This is normal and good. It prevents unwanted taps or screen unlocking when you have your G4 in pocket/bag/purse and will shutdown any unwanted usage. Especially since this phone has a double tap to wake feature, this can be easily manipulated accidently. So, look at it as a good things rather...
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    Post [GUIDE][HOWTO] Install Xposed on Verizon G4

    The latest flashfire version doesn't require you to do the time change step. I installed xposed for the first time 2 days ago, and it went perfectly fine with no time changing required. Sent from my VS986 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post HOW TO: Disable Camera Shutter Sound (Root)

    Alternatively, (non-root) you can set your phone to vibrate or silent mode and it wont make the shutter sound.
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    Post [ROOT] TMO/VZW/ATT/SPRINT/INTL Root your LG G4 with Low Effort Root!

    Ahh okay, then im good then. Thanks for the help. Everything seems fine, ive already got my rooted apps installed and now freezing and backing up all my stuff. So happy to have root on my G4!
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    Post [GUIDE] New Root Method for LG Devices

    Wow, total brain fart there lol! Thanks for the info, im rooted now. One thing.. i kinda forgot to do step 10 on this site, because the other website with directions says to type LEAVE and phone reboots, so do i need to go back and run the root script?
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    Post [ROOT] TMO/VZW/ATT/SPRINT/INTL Root your LG G4 with Low Effort Root!

    If i accidentally forgot to go back and to step 10 on the other website link is that okay? Because i followed everything here and after typing Leave it reboots so i assumed i was done, but totally forgot about the previous website to run the root script. Do i need to do this and if so, just go...
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    Post [GUIDE] New Root Method for LG Devices

    I followed the steps to the T and i had an issue once i got into the send commands prompt. I got my com port and all, but once i tried to launch the send command file my virus scanner stopped it. I went back and told it to always ignore the issue, and even turned off my virus protection. Yet...
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    Post Post Pictures Taken with LG G4

    Not sure how to upload the full quality, but the app is really compressing these images. Sent from my VS986 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post NoChromo (Ad Free Browsing)

    Awesome! Thanks for this, I've been dying for some root to install adaway, but this will help me coup. Sent from my VS986 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post G4 Root (Testing)

    I hope this is real, not that i doubt jcase, and i hope it comes out! Seems pretty quiet since this was publicly announced.
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    Post [POLL: Vote 4 Yours] Summary of issues people having with g4

    I can only assume only people with issues are reporting in. If I knew about all the horrific posts people are making, I honestly would have given the S6 a 2nd thought. I loved my G3 and didn't think twice about the G4. Thankfully I am having 0 issues with the tons of reported problems people...