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    Post Is your Pixel 5 able to access 4G Network?

    Thank you for the response. Initially I thought the same. However, the speed I get when it shows LTE, is much much slower than I was getting when my P4XL was on 4G. Which is why I am curious. I guess, if Google showing 4G as LTE for simplicity, then it means that this phone's reception is worse...
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    Thread Is your Pixel 5 able to access 4G Network?

    It seems my Pixel 5 (unlocked) is stuck between LTE and 5G. Well, LTE most of the time and occasionally 5G when around town. If I understand correctly, P5 is backward compatible with 4G, but it never picks up 4G signal even when I am at my home where my P4XL would always have 4 bars for 4G...
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    Post VZW System Apps

    Thanks for the reply. Although, there's only one problem, I actually do not have any apps, they only popup in rooted apps. I think the reason behind is when I upgraded to 8.1, I had the sim in during the download, but then I took the sim out and restarted the phone then installed the update...
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    Thread VZW System Apps

    Not familiar with the following apps, are those ok to remove/freeze? Already froze My Verizon without any problem. Android 8.1 rooted, using Titanium Backup. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Post (Trade-in) Delivery Attempt Limbo

    Mine's finally shows delivered yesterday. However, so far, no received notification from google. No change in Trade-in section of Google Store either.
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    Thread (Trade-in) Delivery Attempt Limbo

    Shipped my Pixel XL back on time with 8 days in hand. It took 4 days to reach the local USPS. Now its in a Delivery Attempt limbo for the past couple days. Leaving me with only 3 days in hand to meet the 30 day mark. Looks like the company responsible for trade-in verification, Apto Solution is...
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    Post Can I trade-in rooted phone?

    Thanks everyone! Forgot that resetting unroots it. Also, reached out to google, this is what I got-
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    Thread Can I trade-in rooted phone?

    Just got my trade-in kit in the mail today. It does not have any in-depth information, neither does any of the emails I received in regards to trade-ins. Just curious, can I turn in my unlocked+rooted XL? Or do I have to unroot/lock it prior to sending it in? I successfully traded in a rooted...
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    Post Pixel 2 Pre-Order is Live

    Mine's too, still not sure whether I should send my rooted phone or not.
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    Post Pixel 2 Pre-Order is Live

    It will come with the My Verizon spyware. Read it yesterday somewhere, can't remember where. Or maybe I read you can order it through My Verizon app. Ugh...sleepyhead. I am on VZW too, but prefer mine's clean so both last year and this year picked up unlocked version.
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    Post Pixel 2 Pre-Order is Live

    Ordered mine around 4pm-ish. Black 2 XL 64 Estimated delivery Oct 26-27. Signed up for the trade in. So, can I send in my rooted+bootloader unlocked Pixel or nah? :confused:
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    Post Will it be safe to buy the Verizon variant over the google store?

    Dude, I bought mine from Google store and vzw still pushed 63X on mine :crying: Good thing I unlocked it before taking in the update.
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    Post Return unlocked Verizon Pixel XL to BB and wait for Google to get in stock or keep?

    Well, I bought mine from google store in hope for it to stay untouched from the corporate greedy hands of vzw, but unfortunately the first update I installed was vzw-exclusive update pushed to my google bought XL :eek: On the other hand, fortunately, I already unlocked it before taking in the...