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    Post [Themes] Samsung Galaxy Themes Park [8th May, 2016]

    suggestion. maybe we can use the 'hide' function :) when attaching images to make the thread easier to browse? anyways good job as always pas. :good:
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    Post [Themes] Samsung Galaxy Themes Park [8th May, 2016]

    sorry i'm late pas... awesome themes esp the iron man theme... keep up the good work.. :good:
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    Post [Official] SGS3 in the Philippines

    try flashing a stock 4.3 firmware via odin.
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    Post [ModdedSystemUI] Statusbars for different roms

    yes mate... the only issue is the "posting a modded version of the app" part which is not allowed by the author. thanks.
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    Post [ModdedSystemUI] Statusbars for different roms

    pm gharrington mate. flashable battery mods, xposed batt mods, and 3Minit battery mods use different process of theming your statusbar. your thread title says systemUI mods, which has nothing to do with 3Minit battery mod app. and if your mods doesn't work with the app's latest update then...
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    Post [ModdedSystemUI] Statusbars for different roms

    FYI, you can't freely modify an application without getting any permission from the original author first especially if it's clearly stated that the app shouldn't be altered in any way. plus 3Minit Battery Mod is an app NOT a systemUI mod so it really shouldn't be here mate. either you ask...
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    Post 3Minit Battery Mod Updated: [03/09/15]

    if both CWM and TWRP doesn't work you may have a bad ROM download. re-download, check MD5 and flash. next time don't forget to make a backup first before installing a ROM/MOD/theme. always the first rule in flashing things.
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    Post 3Minit Rebooter (ROOT) V2

    another productive tool from you mate... great work.
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    Post 3Minit Battery Mod Updated: [03/09/15]

    gharrington i think we should have a post (maybe post #3) dedicated for existing modded systemUI's to avoid redundancy in requests/help.. that'll help unclog the thread as well..
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    Post [CWM/Xposed][I9500x] [NadMaj Simplistics] ‹§› ASSORTED BATTERIES ‹§› [1K batt mods!!]

    read the download instructions mate... you can also try 3Minit Battery Mod., my icons are there too... EDIT: i doubt that you're still on Jelly Bean so i recommend using 3Minit instead. haven't been active in the android community as i detoured a little to Windows Phone so this project is...
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    Post 3Minit Battery Mod Updated: [03/09/15]

    awesome work mate.... thanks for all the hard work.. :) :good:
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    Post [ROM][XXCMA5] Omega v2.1 ●►JB 4.1.2◄●Omega Files●►N8000|N8010|N8013◄●

    i guess the time to revive this thread has come.. :)
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    Post [Android 4+] Omega Files Pro - Customize your rom - Tools - Widgets

    check again now.... i just updated mine a few minutes ago.. Sent from my GT-N8000 using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM][XXUFNL1][15Jan]Omega v31 ●►Android 4.4.2 & 4.3 & 4.1.2◄●Omega Files◄●►Themes◄●►

    when you're jumping from 4.1.2 to 4.4.2., it's best that you flash a stock 4.4.2 first before flashing omega or any custom rom to avoid any issues..
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    Post [ROM][N9005][XXUGPOF3][12Jul][Lollipop] Omega v27 ●►Omega Files◄●

    maybe you just have a slow connection?... i never had any probs with the download speeds with both the download center and omega files... and there's always the torrent link of all dl slots are full.. you can also find a bunch of official mirror links here -...