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    Post Huawei P20 Pro EMUI Desktop mode & Dell D6000 dock - USB keyboard and mouse wont work

    The Mate series is a bit too big for me. P series suit me better.
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    Post Easy Projection Mode Resolution

    I face this issue with my Samsung HDTV (768 X 1366 - Normal HD, not Full HD). But have no problem with my Philips HDTV (This is a Full HD TV). Btw, Huawei should let us adjust the screen resolution for the Easy Projection as even both of my old Remix Mini (Remix OS Android) working flawlessly...
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    Post Netflix HD, UltraHD, UltraHD with Dolby 5.1 on L1 & L3 device

    It works like a charm. Thanks.
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    Post Easy projection Netflix?

    I wonder why can't we play it full screen when even an implementation from a small company (Remix Mini) let Netflix run fullscreen. Any workaround for Huawei Easy Projection?
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    Post Desktop Mode for M5 8.4?

    Seems like the development has stopped since last year. Any other similar solutions that are still in active development?
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    Post MHL or USB-C video support?

    I would love to have this feature too. Would love to run something like Sentio Desktop or better still MIUI Desktop Mode (once they implement it). I would even buy this phone solely for this purpose.
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    Post Desktop mode native in Android

    I can't wait for the community to have it.
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    Post Zenfone Max Pro M1 supports MHL?

    Wondering the same thing.
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    Post Huawei P20 Pro EMUI Desktop mode & Dell D6000 dock - USB keyboard and mouse wont work

    You might want to wait for its successor instead as the year is almost out by October.
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    Post Desktop mode; apps that work well, apps that don't and bugs

    Has the issues been fixed with the latest update?
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    Post Desktop mode?

    Anyone can confirm if it is working now?
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    Post Desktop mode is AWESOME!

    Now is almost September. Hope they already fixed the compatibility issue in many apps (like Ms Word, Excell etc). I'm now waiting for my adapter to enjoy the Desktop Mode. I bought my P20 on the launch day but i guess I'm a bit late to the "Desktop Mode" party.
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    Post [UPDATE] Remix Mini updated to Remix OS 2.0.626

    Thanks for the reply. I would prefer to just take your advise and go for 2.0.523. But currently I can't find the ROM of that version. I'm torn between factory-installed ROM and the latest version of 2.0.626. I guess I would wait until I get my hands on my 2nd Remix Mini and check the ROM...
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    Post [UPDATE] Remix Mini updated to Remix OS 2.0.626

    I can see perhaps that you misunderstood me completely. I was talking about unrooted stock ROM. My question was about me buying my 2nd Remix Mini this late in the game (after the company, Jide exited the end user business). So I just wonder if their OTA update server still operational because...
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    Post [UPDATE] Remix Mini updated to Remix OS 2.0.626

    Thank you so much for the link. Should their OTA update server is no longer operational, could you share with me some guide on how to manually update the Remix Mini from its pre-installed ROM to the latest version (2.0.626). Btw, where do I get version 2.0.523 like yours? Perhaps I could give...