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    Post [ROM] [10.0] [UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 for S9 and S9+ (Snapdragon)

    Galaxy S9 Exynos9810 When I first saw this thread on XDA I was happy to find the best ROM ever now for my NEW device. But suddenly I realized that the ROM is made for Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and mine is on Exynos9810 ( model SM-G960F "starlte"). I believe your ROM doesn't suit my device...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED]Havoc OS Stable [Exynos] [06-15-2020] [OFFICIAL]

    Hi! Thanx for the BEST ROM I've ever met for Galaxy S's!!! Why your SCREENSHOTS link is dead? The project itself doesn't look abandoned but that section does.
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    Post [WIP][RECOVERY][QCOM][heroqlte] TWRP 3.0.0-0 touch recovery [2016-03-12]

    Heroqlteue Sm-G930U And what about S7 Heroqlteue Sm-G930U? Qualcomm processor also. Thanx.
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    Post [RECOVERY] ClockworkMod for THL W8/W8+/Beyond/W8s (built from source)

    Thank You, but I was asking about link to ROM download. Not Recovery, but ROM.
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    Post [RECOVERY] ClockworkMod for THL W8/W8+/Beyond/W8s (built from source)

    Please! Can ANYBODY provide a WORKING link to download ThL_W8.JB2.FHD.EN.COM.8P128_MT6589*** ROM. Any build though.
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    Post Unofficial HAVOC Os Rom Android 8.1

    Australia ;) Greaat!!! I'd love to see Australia eye to eye. Thanx for a good proffer
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    Post Unofficial HAVOC Os Rom Android 8.1

    Thanx for the ROM. Does anybody know how to get root on Android 8.1 for i9506?Thank you.
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][UBER/Full O3] BlissPop v3.3 - Build 4 [26/05][i9100]

    I found in China: is there ANY OTHER place on The Planet where is possible to download the last version of BlissPop ROM for Android LP? thnx ---------- Post added at 08:22 ---------- Previous post was at 08:08 ---------- Can You share the dwnload link...
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    Post [ROM] Fusion v6.0 - LP5.1.1 (i9100)

    Well... Where is ANY working ROM download link? is down for a long ago! is total sh*t that provides 1,5Mb .exe file instead of real thnx
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    Post [ROM] [DISCUSSION] Official Mokee Rom Releases [6.0.1] [GT-I9100]

    Did you se those links!?! They all are Chinese! And any button looking clickable leads to some sh*t like bla-bla.exe files which are blocked by Firewall. Thanx for advice though. Finally I managed to find a proper dwnld link but the only way was using my superpowers:cool:. I mean gut...
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    Post [ROM] [DISCUSSION] Official Mokee Rom Releases [6.0.1] [GT-I9100]

    no IT IS NOT late! I am just curious how to resolve the problem in general. So thank You very much for advice. I understand how to manage those green squares, my question was how to disable ad-blockers because all I've done in this way was had no effect - something is still blocking pop-up...
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    Post [ROM] [DISCUSSION] Official Mokee Rom Releases [6.0.1] [GT-I9100]

    Hi! Sorry if the I went to the wrong man... So the problem is that it's absolutely impossible to download any file from I always got this: (see attachment), though I've tried my best shutting down ALL AD-blockers in ALL browsers I've got. ( tried 5 of them - Opera,Chrome...
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][I9300][NIGHTLY] Official Mokee Open Source Project

    Remove Dwnld blocker? please/ Hey guys! Thanks a lot for your job! but please remove that banner blocking downloading your ROM. I turned off all Ad blockers I found in all my browsers but your banner is still on and there is nothing I can do with it. Pretty sure that the rest people meeting...
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    Post Samsung Galaxy A9 Software Update Faliure

    Please! How to boot to Download mode on this device? Is it possible that my one does not have this opportinity? I mean the buttons combination is not working (blocked). My Galaxy A9 is from China. Thnx