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    Post [APP][4.0+] #NoChromo - A wild ad-blocking browser appears [v51.0.2695.0][2016/04]

    On my 5x, it's crashing when you try and paste into the nav bar.
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    Post [APP][4.0+] #NoChromo - A wild ad-blocking browser appears [v51.0.2695.0][2016/04]

    Wow...installed this on my new nexus 5x....loving it! Basically have no reason to root now. Love it! And a heads up to people...I accidentally installed the arm32 version first, and was getting request to sync notifications that wouldn't go away. Correctly installed arm64, and it worked perfectly.
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    Post Display Brightness

    I hope we'll see an increase in max brightness in a future update. Hopefully it's just a matter of pushing a little more voltage to the screen. It's not unusable...but using the phone yesterday in the car, a little bump in brightness would have been welcome. Auto-brightness is fairly...
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    Post Pics of ZenFone 2 cases

    What do you like best out of the Amzer and Nillkin? Looking to get one of those. What I really want is for CruzerLite to make some cases...but who knows if that will happen.
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    Post Launcher/Interface discussion.

    Pretty sure the asus launcher doesn't allow changing the grid size. Just got mine yesterday, but been using Google Launcher. Coming from a Nexus 5, and a Nexus 4 before that, it's what I'm used to. That being said, I'll probably switch to nova launcher, because there are a number of Asus apps...
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    Post [LIGHTS!★CAMERA!★ACTION!] Post your Picture taken with Zenfone 2!

    Yeah, I saw you over there! :) I'll contribute as soon as I get my phone today.
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    Post [LIGHTS!★CAMERA!★ACTION!] Post your Picture taken with Zenfone 2!

    Wow...looks good! Might not be S6 quality....but it's close enough for me!
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    Post Overheated

    Use a non-quickcharging one from a previous phone. But if you're seeing crazy heating issues, I'd get a replacement phone.
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    Post A discussion about RAM

    My zenfone 2 is getting delivered today. I'm VERY much looking forward to Android 5.1 on it. When my Nexus 5 went from 5 to 5.1, it was sooo much better. I'm expecting the zenfone 2, s6, etc, to see similar improvements.
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    Post Overheated

    Boostmaster is what they call the quickcharger. That being said, you shouldn't have to baby the phone and make sure it isn't "doing anything" while it charges.
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    Post Overheated

    I've never had a phone overheat....ever. I'd watch your phone carefully for hardware faults.
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    Post wireless charging solution thread

    That's pretty cool. I like wireless charging because I'd rather not wear out my micro usb...but that setup kinda marries you to wireless charging all the time. I'd have to rig up wireless charging in the car and at work...not just at home. You use something like that?
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    Post Verizon

    Are you that married to Verizon?
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    Thread How are Zenfone 2 themes?

    Hi all. Coming from a Nexus Zenfone 2 will be here friday. First thing I'll do is probably switch to google launcher and google keyboard...get as close to a Nexus feel as I can. How is the theme engine? Does it change the drop down shade? Settings screens?
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    Post Tempered glass screen protectors?

    I ordered this one...mainly because I wanted it here in time for the phone... ASUS Zenfone 2 5.5 Inch Screen Protectors,APLUS(TM) Tempered Glass Screen Protectors 9h Hardness, 2.5d Rounded Edges, 0.33mm Thickness Whether it turns out to be any good, we shall see. I just need something until it...