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    Post Firmware r820- r830

    I am in the same situation as you on the same firmware and would like to go back to an earlier firmware to put the csc XEF.
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    Thread Screen resolution

    Hi everyone, since the last update in March, in the screen settings the option to change the resolution has disappeared. Where did she go? Because according to the galaxy max hz application my current resolution is in fhd +. I would have liked to be able to go back to wqhd + please.
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    Post SM-R815F - Galaxy Watch 42 LTE stock firmware help R815FXXU1CRK7

    I dig up the subject, I have the same model and in 2 years I only received an update, I live in France but I received it with the csc oxa. I have the exact same firmware as you. And I never received an update.
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    Post Stock firmware SM-R815F Needed

    Has anyone ever received updates on this watch? Me in 2 years, I only had 1.
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    Post Issues with the battery life :(

    S21 ( SM-G991B) not ultra. Yes the autonomy is really very good now.
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    Post Issues with the battery life :(

    Hi everyone, well I am fully satisfied with the March update.
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    Post Issues with the battery life :(

    S21 exynos 😉
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    Post Issues with the battery life :(

    I saw it with phone info, because after having updated the last firmware in OTA had returned to AUB8. But honestly yes a visible change. I charged 100% last night, this morning I am at 87% after 12:23 hours of use. And 1 hour of stupidity. 😉
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    Post Issues with the battery life :(

    I installed this update today on my S21, but Samsung seems to have removed it from the ota servers. Weird I hope this doesn't hide a bug yet. Because available this morning and withdrawn this evening.
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    Post [EU /International] SM-G991B /SM-G996B /SM-G998B Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here

    It also appeared during the day and tonight it disappeared, as if Samsung had removed it from the servers.
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    Post [EU /International] SM-G991B /SM-G996B /SM-G998B Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here

    Hello everyone, has anyone gotten the last patch update from March ? ? ? (G991BXXS2AUBB) It is on Samobile, on phone info but I don't have it in OTA, to have to download it and install it manually ...... Edit: On Phone Info the March update in BB has disappeared to make way for the last AUB8...
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    Post [App]Galaxy Max Hz (Refresh Rate Control, Quick Resolution Switcher, Screen-Off Mods, Adaptive Mod, Keep High/Adaptive on Power Saving Mode and More)

    I have the same behavior on my galaxy S21 exynos and my Tab S7, both remain with a lower rate of 60hz, so I removed this application. Besides, I didn't notice any improvement in the battery, so in the end this application is useless.
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    Thread Problem activate rcs chat

    Hello, I have a problem with Android message since I received my S21. I am trying to validate my phone number to activate rcs chat messages but my phone number does not validate. Has anyone ever encountered the problem ?
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    Post Activate rcs on Samsung message.

    Android message No options, frankly I do not like it at all. I still prefer Samsung Message and not used Google message.