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    Post [New][Stable] Google Camera Mod with HDR+ & Portrait

    just now moved to a custom rom and using this minimal mod version. its amazing
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    Post FingerPrint Enrollment not working on any Custom Rom

    can you please guide me to install a custom oreo rom. because when i try to flash custom oreo rom (franken rom i used) , the rom gets flashed but the gapps (arm64 mini 8.1.x) fails everytime and shows error code 20 (incompatible rom). but i had flashed both the rom and the gapps successfully...
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    Post FingerPrint Enrollment not working on any Custom Rom

    I was also in the same problem of fingerprint not working. Tried your method i.e. flashed persist zip and nougat rom (after wiping dalvik, system ,data, cache) and now when I try to clean flash custom Oreo rom . Gapps is not getting flashed . Its detecting the rom as 7.1.2. any solution for this
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    Thread Error while installing gapps for 8.1 oreo based custom rom on Potter

    so i was on oreo 8.1 soak test version and wanted to upgrade to a 64 bit custom rom based on oreo. unlocked the bootloader. flashed TWRP (3.2.3-1) . Then i flashed franken rom based on 8.1 and opengapps arm64 mini for 8.1.x. everything was right until i figured out that there was no fingerprint...
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    Post Automatically Switching off when reaching 40%

    your phones' charge holding capacity has reduced to 60%. if you notice, your phone must be getting fully charged a lot quickly now. get a new battery .:):)
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    Post [ROM][AOSP][7.1.2_r17] ★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum [14/06/17]

    anyone facing email syncing problems with the GMAIL app? my emails are not getting synced. checked all the settings