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Recent content by Near_07

  1. Near_07

    Post [S8/S8+][OneUI Pie][JetBlackUI][05-Apr-2020][v50] LightROM

    hi do you know what system app is missing or removed. i cant dial any special code like *#2263# or *#0*# . .i think this one was removed. please help
  2. Near_07

    Post [KERNEL][9] A2N Kernel [10h SOT][Easy Guide Step by Step][2021.06.03]

    Is there a free version with less feature of the control app?
  3. Near_07

    Post Root/SM-N770F/TGY

    yeah maybe becuase of xposed i will uninstall this for now. I want to remove youtube default using root explorer i set my system to r/w but evytime i pasting vance yt root version to system / app it wont paste. Did you try installing yt vance?
  4. Near_07

    Post Root/SM-N770F/TGY

    Do you notice random restart after root? Once or twice a day?
  5. Near_07

    Post Root/SM-N770F/TGY

    What version is your GB and exposed tnx
  6. Near_07

    Post Root/SM-N770F/TGY

    success Thanks!!
  7. Near_07

    Post Root/SM-N770F/TGY

    No need to unlock bootloader sir? Thank you so much for this guide ---------- Post added at 01:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:13 PM ---------- what app did you use to download firmware
  8. Near_07

    Post root note 10 lite by magisk fail

    I hope anyone can create a thread on proper rooting this phone with steps and files attached needed.
  9. Near_07

    Post Note 10 Lite bricked after attempting to install Magisk

    thanks sir. .ive been waiting for a guide on rooting this device . .please do so. Ill wait for your post
  10. Near_07

    Post [KERNEL][9] A2N Kernel [10h SOT][Easy Guide Step by Step][2021.06.03]

    Download link not working right now? Can someone check thanks
  11. Near_07

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][dreamlte/dream2lte][[SM-G950F/SM-G955F][10] LineageOS 17.1

    is gcam working on this rom? also portrait and night mode?
  12. Near_07

    Post [EOL][ROM][9.0][G95XF/FD] Hari ROM v12.0 | DTC6

    Can anyone screenshot whats inside rom control feature?
  13. Near_07

    Post [APP] AMOLED PWMfree

    Its ok now there are permissions in services that needs to be manually switch on ---------- Post added at 11:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:59 AM ---------- Good day sir thanks for this app. Can we have a black background for this? If you have time it would be great.