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  • Sure it would be my pleasure.
    I use to modify images. Go to adjustment on the toolbar/transparency/ set it to -67 that all I did nothing special. Hope this helps.
    Yeah, well, anyone who intends to contribute something/anything to the community.

    I thought you had already put a couple things together... Oh well, consider this a formal, official invitation :D
    Yes, Hedberg was a funny dude!! I didnt because I thought it was for themers and developers. That not correct?
    hey could you send me the glossy black keyboard the link u put in the 1 post doesnt work
    hey, on the dc v1.0 thread you asked for a logcat of someone using it with the AOSP lock screen, I posted it on that thread but it's so buried I wanted to make sure you found it (I'm dying to have that lock screen myself on the sprint release)
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