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    Post How many of us are there?

    Its used a lot less now but still working! Battery has been replaced once.
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    Post Moto X4 F.A.Q.s Thread

    I've moved on to the Pixel 3 last fall 2019 but I do miss the fingerprint reader on front, one button nav, and the shake for flashlight.
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    Post How i restore the imei of moto x4

    Read this thread:
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    Post Moto X4 Variant. How to recognize (question)

    It should say the variant under Regulatory Labels under settings/about or in very small print just to the right of the charge port.
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    Post I deleted a folder oem

    You can try switching the active slots
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    Post moto x4 1900-6 won't boot and not flash

    You locked the bootloader? Screwed yourself there, that's why you're getting permission denied. You can try flashing stock but I think you are going to need a replacement or try flashing the blank file that's floating around these forums.
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    Post Moto X4: Not receiving latest securty updates

    In the setting under About.
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    Post Android One XT1900-1 WiFi/SIM Not Working After Stock Flash

    Ok, after more hours... I re-flashed the base 9.0 stock rom (PAYTON_FI_9.0_PPW29.69-26), then re-flash up to current (PAYTON_FI_PPWS29.69-39-2-1_May2019). SIM/WiFi services have returned. I might need to update the FAQs thread with this knowledge but honestly not sure what was the main solution...
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    Post Does Google Fi Work After Rooting?

    Everything glenb77 said.
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    Post Android One XT1900-1 WiFi/SIM Not Working After Stock Flash

    Can the same EFS and Persist partitions interchangeable, as in can I use yours? I've been using the re-flash stock, accept OTAs, re-root/twrp method for months now and this is the first time this has happened. Its only bluetooth capable right now. lol
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    Post Android One XT1900-1 WiFi/SIM Not Working After Stock Flash

    Is there any progress towards a solution on this? I experienced this for the first time while trying to re-flash stock April ROM.
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    Post Help capturing OTA or location of file on x4?

    As the OTA downloads, the token that gives access to the patch changes every few minutes. I did this the first four months of ownership of the phone. You have to have logcat running, constantly searching/fetching the latest url with new token. Only way to stop the download is to stop the service...
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    Post [How-to] Unlock bootloader on Verizon Pixel/XL

    I bought a Verizon Pixel on ebay. It was on June 2018, I accepted every OTA, and got it to July 2019. Performed the steps here, but to add to Step 7... I finish the setup wizard process while still following the criteria in Step 3, then proceeded to Step 8. Method still works. Thank you all!