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    Post ECG Stops after 5-6 seconds

    I have the exact same problem. After searching Google, it appears to be a faulty sensor + button, which need to be replaced by Samsung. Out of the 100+ measurements, I had not even 1 that worked. I'm going to send mine in for replacement of sensors + button.
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    Post Ridiculous battery life - dropping rapidly when not in airplane mode

    My Axon 7's battery started acting weird: it got stuck at 13%, after some time it shut off, after putting it on the charger (original) it suddenly displayed 16% full! The next day i depleted the battery by filming in 4K to 7%, put it on an EasyAcc powerbank (15000 mAh, no QC) and it suddenly...
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    Post Degraded battery BCL device lag

    Mine lags at any percentage, I can't browse Chrome as fast as I was able to in the past. Whenever I launch it, it lags, when switching tabs it lags, tapping the search bar takes the keyboard up to 5 seconds to appear... And it's not just Chrome, the whole phone got slow but mostly Chrome. I used...
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    Post Help! Wallpaper keeps changing on its own (European A2017G on B03)

    While I did resolve my problem, I did not experience the behavior you are describing. In my case, Arrow Launcher was the culprit (by default it sets bing live wallpaper). It could be something similar on your end.
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    Post Help! Wallpaper keeps changing on its own (European A2017G on B03)

    Thank you for the suggestion but I found out that Arrow Launcher has Bing live wallpaper set as default and I needed to change that.
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    Post Auto-close apps.

    Where did you find the assistant? I don't have any app or setting with this name. Edit: I found this app on the play store, but this option was already deactivated.
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    Post Auto-close apps.

    Then enjoy your experience! :) I'll wait for the next update (maybe already Nougat) and see if this is improved.
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    Post Auto-close apps.

    Also this aggressive RAM management closed Google Play Music as I was listening! This needs to be addressed! On my Axon 7 for all messaging apps I disabled the "Scheduled background wake-up" and only left "Allow deep sleep" active. By default it was set the other way around. I don't know if...
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    Post Skipping the Notification Bell (without root)

    Do you know how to disable the wallpaper changing (mine is not on every unlock though)? I've tried to set different themes, setting my own wallpapers to no avail.
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    Post Auto-close apps.

    The RAM Management on the Axon 7 is too aggressive! I've got the european Axon 7 quartz grey model (A2017G, update B03) and whenever the screen is off for longer than approx. 5 minutes most/all apps I had open are auto closed. I've searched all settinigs (maybe I missed something) and did not...
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    Thread Help! Wallpaper keeps changing on its own (European A2017G on B03)

    Hi, no matter what wallpaper I set through settings or the gallery, after some time it changes to some kind of a live wallpaper which keeps changing periodically. I didn't find any setting related to this, it just won't keep my wallpaper. Lockscreen has no such issues. Did I miss some...
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    Post [ROM][OTA] Mirrors for official Cyanogen roms and OTA updates

    I did a complete wipe via adb and did a clean install on the latest S3P0. The screen rotation still stops working after a day or two (not in sensor apps or camera apps). In addition to that my standby drain went from 1% or 2% to 10% over night! There will be more issues as the time goes by...
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    Post [ROM][OTA] Mirrors for official Cyanogen roms and OTA updates

    Lucky you, I have to reboot my phone almost every day because something stops working: 1. Screen rotation gets stuck until a reboot fixes it. Sensor app shows all sensors still working perfectly fine after the rotation stops (autorotation toggle does nothing after the rotation stops working)...
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    Post Today recieved Chinese Axon 7 128G+6Gb , You can ask anything!

    Thank you for all information and your answers! Could you please tell us how the vibration feels like (hard or soft, strong or weak)? I really liked the Sony's Xperia soft but strong vibration (as well LG's G4, which is a bit harder than Sony's). My current OnePlus One's vibration is just a...
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    Post Is ZTE developer friendly?

    I like how you said "slight upgrade"! I love my OPO too, it is as fast as ever and plenty powerful, but the front facing speakers of the Axon 7 are very intriguing and I'm also considering it unless ZTE is awful with pushing out updates and if the bootloader will stay locked with no root. Then...