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  • The HTC HD2 AKA Leo...
    Yep. It seems HTC again didn't want to pay for a graphics driver. So we're back where we started when first getting the MSM-based devices. At least they're consistent...
    Gheh. Driverpack 3. What's to say about that?

    I'll tell you. The pack itself is based on the Xperia 2's drivers, combined with the original OpenVG and Libgles_cl libraries from the Beta 2 pack.

    So, what's new with them?
    Well, the X2's drivers seemed to significantly improve the performance of manila 2.5 in earlier HD roms. Now, with the full HTC Leo ports, the performance isn't that great anymore. It seems that the Leo's driverbase is much heavier on the system than the original HD (blackstone) is.

    Now what?
    Now nothing. We are simply reaching the end of the line once the newer devices from HTC/Qualcomm are released. The Snapdragon chipset is way beyond the MSM720X series and thus, mostly incompatible with our current drivers. This project will come to an end once OEMs stop using the MSM720X chipset. And that pretty soon...
    Let's update this. I've got my Polaris. Hopefully I can get something working on that thing. Seems to be a bit of an underdog.

    Another thing: The newer drivers found in the latest devices seem to be NOT working on the HD anymore... This is a sad development, unless there will be an official ROM update for a MSM7201A device in the future, which holds drivers that we can use. We do have "Frankenstein drivers" now by the way... and they seem to do what they're supposed to do. Speed up the device. ;)
    Here we are again. I'm going to recruit new members for the project. See the official thread for more info on how to apply.
    Now for the funstuff: there isn't any. Yet. Once the show's on the road again, i'll update the threads with new info.
    If you're not able to get into the team's forum, you've been removed from the team. I've been scanning the project forum for any input and i've selected a few who in my eyes did give useable input.
    I consider this as my personal blog, so here's a new chapter in my xda life:

    Going back to my roots a bit. Decided to purchase a Polaris to test drivers for MSM7200 devices. I feel those drivers were pretty close to a functional level and with all these new devices and roms out there, there must be a way to get things working.
    Today's the day for a beta release. Anyone got problems with the driverpack?
    I've set a deadline for next friday, June 19th to release the first driverpack.
    I'd like to hear results of testing on devices other than the Blackstone.
    To get the latest driverpack, log on to Live Sync.
    Installed NeoS2007_Driver_Pack reloaded 080609 final on HD Dutyy 3.8-
    mate can you invite adolfoatrega he's been testing on the touch pro 2 and found some very interesting things out
    I've posted some more info on the Qualcomm chipset and OpenVg in the dev & test group.
    I have added the latest ati drivers from the Diamond CDMA Rom release in April by HTC/Sprint... I am using them in a 2501 ROM I've cooked along with the OpenVG drivers. I have uploaded them to the sky drive. I included the libgles_cm.dll though I am not using it I am using the one from your OpenVG pckg.
    I can test with 21222 is you have a clean source so I can port :)
    Ok guys: good news and bad news.
    Good news: Winmo 6.5 build 21222 is leaked, and it seems it has a newer core and is almost fully updated.
    Bad news: GLbenchmark won't run it's test with our current d3dm_ati.dll (from Quartz)

    I want to ask all of you, if you have a d3dm_ati.dll from ANOTHER device, please post them in the msm dev team group forum, so I can test them with this current winmo version. It seems this version is alot faster than previous builds...
    @ asci
    You need to make sure you install the ati drivers first. Reboot and then install the OpenVg cab. (make sure you have the latest version made by mbarvian) That's all you need to do.
    Sorry for the late replies people. I've been pretty busy. (i got my birthday present last saturday. My gf arranged for me that I could race on the tracks in Zandvoort. :D I was allowed to drive 3 cars: A Porsche 911, A Lamborghini Gallardo and an Aston Martin Avanta. :D)
    @ Neo
    I don't think miri used ati drivers. There should be HTC ones.
    * How can I check this?
    To install OpenVg, I found its folder in shared folder. There are one cab and two dlls.
    * have I to run cab and copy dlls to Windows?
    It should be usefull to have Advanced Configuration tool 3.3 that allows you to easy choose display driver. I mean the version included in Leo ROM.
    * Otherwise how to enable the new drivers via REG modification?
    make sure you have the ati installed then run GLbenchmark_cm. You'll see the test run and after they're done you'll get the percentage of the tests that ran ok.
    Then install the OpenVg driver together with the ati driver and run the test again. You'll have to see higher percentages in working tests.
    Actually I'm running Miri 8.2 Standard WM 6.5 and SPB Mobile Shell 3 that shoud use 3D acceleration. How can I test your driver?
    m3Jorge, I don't know about IDA Pro. If you need a disassembler, I have Visual Studio .NET 2008 with support for smart devices. I think it is able to disassemble ARM code.
    I'm all set with LiveSync too...
    Looking forward to next steps :)

    BTW I was trying to use IDA Pro to research some stuff but the Free verison seems notto support ARM Proc Libraries... am I missing something? or do i need to shell out mayor $$ for a disassabler?
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