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  • please let me know if your ever found a place to buy a stylus for acer s200. I lost mine and having difficulty to find a replacement. Thanks
    Hey netnerd,

    I was just curious about where you ordered your acer f1 from. I ordered from expansys-usa and it seems like it might take a while. If you could post some impressions of the phone when you get, I'd really appreciate it. Either send me back a message or post in one of the threads about it.


    Hi. I'm an iMate Ultimate 6150 user. I'm surfing xda-developers in search of infos about wm6.1 on that device. I've just read a post in which you state you had installed PIE 6.1 on your 6150. I'd like to have a few infos about how it runs: battery life, wifi, sdhc.
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